Zero Day

Zero Day

The band Nothing released a new single today from their upcoming third full-length album, Dance On The Blacktop, entitled "Zero Day". I like it a lot. They don't switch up too much from most of their prior music in years past. Which is not a bad thing. Some bands change a lot as time goes on, but Nothing has stuck with what brought them to the dance (no pun intended) - noise/hard/shoegaze rock.

They also announced a tour today. Check it out and see if they're playing your area. I saw them play Austin in 2015 and that was something else. No shrills or gimmicks... just a in your face rock set from start to finish.  Domenic, the lead singer, threw his guitar into the crowd towards the end. I don't know if anyone got hurt. This was one of the last sets I saw during a 3 day festival weekend. So things were starting to all blur together at that point. Bad ass set though.

Which reminds me. I saw King Krule a couple months ago now. Great musician. Archy Marhall is great. I'm going to sound like an old man I already know. That crowd was terrible for the show. I know Houston has gotten a bad wrap in years past for being a bad crowd for not being "into a set", but man. For one, I felt like one of the oldest people there. I would guess the average age there was 18-23. (I'm 28).

I respect moshing. I feel like moshing should be reserved for certain songs though. Sections of the crowd at King Krule decided it was a good idea to mosh randomly even during slower songs. When I think of King Krule... I don't think of a "crowd moshing" type artist. A few songs here or there... maybe. Being involved in this type of crowd did make me feel very old though.

I will probably go and see Nothing when they come here. With Nothing... you know the crowd will probably be rowdy. As they should be. They're a noise rock band. I guess I was just caught off guard with the King Krule audience. I was also standing next to this young guy who was with a few friends. Probably 18-19 years old. Everything out of his mouth made me want to claw my ears out. So that didn't help my mood. The set itself was good. It was my first time seeing Archy live. He brought it.

Both King Krule and Nothing are great. If you're reading this...

You're great too. NEVER FORGET