Working Out the Kinks

I decided to go with Ghost over Wordpress this time around as the blogging platform of choice for this endeavor. I liked their pricing format a little better. I've only used Ghost for two days now, but a few things are clear:

1) The ease of posting on the platform is great. It's not hard to post on Wordpress either, but there's definitely a lot less clutter navigating on your Ghost dashboard.

2) The support is great. I've had a few problems with the layout and Sarah from the support staff got back to me in literally minutes after I asked a question. She was super polite and she was also able to solve the issue. Super appreciative.

3) Only downside (and this has a large part to do with me being super rusty editing CSS of any kind) is the "super customizable" nature of Ghost. I've had problems with editing certain parts of the layout and also not being able to find certain things in the theme's CSS txt. So just because I've been having problems doesn't mean someone else will. Someone who is good with editing themes, CSS, etc... should have very little stumbling blocks.

The layout of the blog still has some rooms of improvement. The comment box is currently not working (it might be depending on when you're coming across this post). And there's also text on the side bar that needs to be erased that came with the original theme. It looks like it would be easy to edit, but there's no way to do it without going back into the CSS (I believe). And I haven't been able to find it in the CSS. Even under the sidebar portion of the txt.  I shot the creators a quick msg.

The gif of this post was from the intro to the show Halt and Catch Fire. I've been binging that in my spare time the last week on Netflix. I missed it when it aired on AMC the last several years. I honestly wasn't familiar with it until last week. It's a fun show. AMC has aired some pretty stellar shows over the last decade. I removed the header gif from this post because it slowed the blog down a little.

So! With all that said - shout out to Ghost.