No More URL Woes

Finally got the domain connected properly.  That was something else. I paid someone to go into my 1and1 account and see what was going on.

I paid $1 for the domain address and $15 for someone to connect the domain...


I'm jk. I'm laughing to myself right now.

I spent a lot of time this past week trying to figure out why it wasn't connecting. Decided it was finally time to just have someone more knowledgeable at the subject take a look. Luckily he was able to fix it. I don't know how he did it. He somehow got the CNAME to point to a WWW. I'd tried that same method at least 20 times, but 1and1 kept rejecting that advance for some reason. I was obviously doing something incorrect. I'm just glad the issue is resolved now.

Sarah Frantz from Ghost's support staff has also been helpful along the way. I mentioned her a few posts back, but she's worth another shout out. She's emailed the past week checking in throughout. Ghost does have really good support.

All that needs to be fixed now is the comment box and I would also like a post archive (I'm not 100% sure if there's a way to even have an archive on Ghost, but we shall see. I would really like to have some sort of one in the future).

Ghost is definitely a learning curve. Wordpress is so much easier, but it is what it is now. I don't regret going with Ghost, but it has been a decent challenge getting certain things situated.

I don't really have anything else to add now. This is literally though so let's see...

I'm currently listening to Deerhunter - Focus Group.

I've been switching between Deerhunter and Nothing tonight.

Part of the last post was about Nothing's new single "Zero Day". I've listened to that several times tonight as well as some of their other songs. I'm glad they're back with new music.

I dig it the more I listen. They keep their original sound in tact.

There's also a comment on YouTube that compares it to My Bloody Valentine meets Deftones and I can see that comparison as well. It's a good tune. Nothing with another banger.

Hope all is well out there. Thanks for reading this very beautiful blog post. You can subscribe via email to the site via that box down below for future updates. I think it works.