UFC 247 Live Review

UFC 247 Live Review

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UFC 247!

I have a problem uploading pictures on the blog sometimes. I can never get them not to be sideways on desktop. I know there's probably a simple fix to this, but for now I just put my Insta post about the event in this post. That will have to do.

I'm glad I went. I wanted to say I've seen UFC live.

I was not surprised about anything regarding the live experience.

I embraced for a long day of paying crazy parking and concession prices. I knew getting in and around the arena was going to be a total pain. I knew you always get a better view via watching on TV.

I got to my seat at about 5:15pm.

First prelim started at 5:30. Main event ended at midnight.

I ordered 3 drinks, a burger w/fries.

Plus parking. Plus the ticket.

It was not cheap.

I think if a person is a UFC or mma fan they should definitely see UFC live at least once, but now that I've seen it live... it's almost like a mental check mark crossed off of things I want to see. The main thing you get live that you don't get on TV is just the atmosphere. It was like a non-stop party. You had the fights and then in between each fight remixes of songs played. LOUD. It was so, so loud. And I'm 99.9% sure it's not because I'm a old man now. It was like concert level loud.

Fight wise. Several of the fights were good. The main event was spectacular. I thought Reyes won 3-2 over Jones, but the judges gave it to Jones. I thought that was questionable. Some people are saying "robbery", but I don't think it's robbery when a fight finishes that close. That's the problem with sports that rely on judges. They're suppose to follow a criteria, but anytime you leave a decision in a human's hands... I don't know. I kind of feel like they gave it to Jones based on his track record.

I wanted Jones to win too before the fight. But Reyes really brought it.

I expect a rematch will happen sometime later this year.

The Valentina Shevchenko fight went exactly like most predicted it to. Completely lopsided. Chookagian had nothing to hurt Valentina with. Valentina is just clinical. Nothing seems to phase her in the octagon.

So. I'm glad I got to experience the event. It was a lot of fun.

Minus the atmosphere... it is hard to beat watching via TV.

And a lot cheaper.