The Dentist

The Dentist

Content has been a little light this week. Working and real life has been busy. I shall always return though. I'm not quitting on this blog! One of the reasons I've been busy this week is because of appointments. I went to a Periodontist today. Third time in as many months.

I noticed a couple teeth shifting a little bit at the beginning of the year. I let it go for a few months before I finally forced myself to do something about it because it made me a little self conscious. I hadn't been to a dentist in awhile so I did a little Googling. I decided to find a Periodontist first just in case it was a gums issue. And then I would find a regular general dentist afterwards.

I find a Periodontist north of Houston in The Woodlands, TX. Dr. Ferguson. Go in for a consultation in April. I was nervous. I'm always nervous when I go to doctors or dentists of any kind. Also because I was unsure of why the couple teeth were shifting. I was hoping it wasn't too serious.

Meet Dr. Ferguson. Get X-Rays, he inspects the gums, etc. He finds a few gum pockets that were deeper than 3mm so he suggests I get a SRP (Scaling and Root Planing) done. It turned out the couple shifting teeth had nothing to do with the gums. I forget the exact definition he told me about the two teeth, but it had to do with how teeth shift and move sometimes and how the force in one direction can cause certain things to happen. So, I agree to the SRP. Next appointment they had wasn't until a month later.

Last month rolls around (May) and I go for the SRP. The little research I did (I'm jk. I did a lot of research). The masochist in me won over. I read mixed reviews from people who had the procedure done. Some saying it hurt like hell to others who said it wasn't too bad. I set the bar in my head to "it's going to be pretty bad" just in case it wasn't and I'd feel even better afterwards.

It was pretty bad. Dr. Ferguson injected at least 5-6 shots. He did the numbing shots and then two hygienists were the ones who did the rest of the appointment. They go 10-15 mins and then they work on a spot in the mouth that wasn't numbed. I guess they could see one of my legs go directly up during the procedure. I'm not even kidding. I put my leg straight up. It wasn't "oh my god this is pure death pain", but it was enough that it was very uncomfortable. They asked if I wanted a shot in that part and I told them that would be nice. They call Dr. Ferguson back in and he gives another shot. My mouth is completely numb at this point. The hygienists go back to work. And I start thinking about random things.

Things like "This numbing stuff is strong as all heck. I like" and what happened in the Astros game the night before. Then every so often one of them would ask me how I was doing and all I would say is "gewuud". I couldn't form proper words with the numbness.

Not a fun appointment by any means, but glad I got it done. They then set me up for another appointment this month (closest appointment they had) for a re-eval. My couple teeth in question still not to my liking, but I wanted to get all this Perio stuff out of the way first.

This month comes and I go in today for the re-eval. Dr. Ferguson basically redoes the exam he did on my first visit. Checking around my gums, etc. The diagnosis was overall positive. He then schedules me to visit next week since a general dentist will be in his office. I'll finally have a chance to ask a general dentist in person what the best way to go with the two shifted teeth will be. When I say "shifted"... it's not terrible, but it's just enough that it's been driving me mentally crazy the past few months.

Tiny steps closer. I'm just glad I finally pushed myself to seek help. It's a nice feeling getting important health things done. I put off going to a dentist of any kind for longer than I would've liked. I knew I would've just kept putting it off if I didn't find a place to schedule an appointment with. Dr. Ferguson had good reviews so he's the one I went with. He's been great. Him and his staff have been nothing but pleasant during my three visits. Big relief. If you've read this far... I hope your week is going well. I appreciate you finding the blog or that you're revisiting. Thanks for reading.