Tears In The Typing Pool

Tears In The Typing Pool

Succumb to the line
The finishing time
The long distance runner
Has stopped on the corner
But i won't give up
Although i've stopped too

Before the end of me and you
The patchwork explains
The land is unchanged

Interpret the rooms
My tears in the typing pool
The letters are sighing
The ink is still drying
I told you the truth
And now i sigh too

The page turns on me and you
Across that white plain
The land is unchanged

Today is a unplanned post day, but I have some down time. I felt like blogging. I talked about Austin and some of the things and events I've seen in that city yesterday on Playlist Friday. Fun Fun Fun Fest in 2009 being one of them. Yesterday was 10 years ago to the date of the festival. It was cold and raining. I still remember my friend and I freezing off in the distance while Broadcast played their set. I knew "of" Broadcast, but I didn't know any of their specific songs in 2009.

Fast forward to 2019... and I look back at that lineup. And hindsight is always 20/20... but no one knew that was Broadcast's last performance in Texas. Trish Keenan passed 13 months later unexpectedly due to complications from pneumonia. It's hard to watch this live video 10 years later.

I wish I knew how good Broadcast was back before I saw them in 2009.

It's all cliché, but tomorrow is indeed not guaranteed. What we experience today may never be duplicated again. The people we meet, the experiences we embark on, etc in this crazy journey we call life.