T. Jin's China Diner

T. Jin's China Diner

The only goal I had before starting this blog was to always be honest. Well, last night I did something I never thought I would do. I actually sat through the entire Death Wish movie starring Bruce Willis.

One thing that really bothered me about it -

Bruce Willis. You killed people wearing a hoodie. Now you're after the lead honcho who tells you to meet him in a night club. Maybe it would be wise to at least not wear the hoodie to the club. Maybe wear something else. So he doesn't spot you like an elephant trying to ride a bike and murk you.

But this Bruce Willis is like "I'm wearing this damn hoodie. I'm Bruce Willis". So he wears it to the club looking for this head honcho character. A mid-60 year old white guy wearing a hoodie in a night club. That ain't suspicious. I don't mean to stereotype. If you're a mid-60s white guy wearing a hoodie and reading this... my apologies. Keep doing you. I appreciate you finding the blog.

T. Jin's China Diner. Serving great Chinese food. It's the official restaurant of this blog. T. Jin's China Diner. Located in Spring, TX. There's several locations across the greater Houston area. A man may be dating a Sara. There's a ton of women by the name of Sara out there. There's several T. Jin's China Diner restaurants out there, but the one in Spring, TX on Riley Fuzzle is THIS blog's official restaurant.

Their serving sizes are huge. The prices are reasonable as well. They have a vegetable only section for vegetarians. They also have a decent amount of parking. They're next to a Kroger and a Great American Cookies. I'm not sure if the GAC is open yet, but imagine when they are. Get your grocery shopping on, a little Chinese food and a nice overpriced cookie. What a time to be alive.

I was going to make Tacos A Go Go in the Heights the official restaurant of the blog, but I got towed last time I was there. It was technically my fault because I parked in front of a sign that said "Onion Creek Parking only" (Onion Creek is right next to Tacos A Go Go). It was late and I went  to grab a taco. I was inside Tacos A Go Go for about 5 minutes. I walk out and I don't see my car.

I get an UBER and go to the tow place. Which is in the middle of nowhere and in a very sketchy part of Houston. I tried to fib my way out of a ticket. I was kind of irritated they towed my car so fast with me being inside just to order a taco. And also at myself for knowingly parking in a bad spot. I had parked there countless times before though (during the day too). This was late at night w/most of the lot empty.

The guy behind the window at the Tow place said the guy who towed my car had me on video parking in the spot and walking to Tacos A Go Go (not Onion Creek). For some reason I was being stubborn like Bruce Willis refusing to budge and wear something else besides a hoodie to the night club. I told the guy I wanted to see the video (knowing damn well I parked in the spot). I ended up paying the ticket.

The tow business is cut throat. They see you leave your vehicle in a bad spot for one second and they'll snatch it up. They're like falcons stalking their prey. Waiting for their next victim.

I still have a soft spot for Tacos A Go Go. I will return soon. There's just a little friction right now. I've spent a lot of time in that location in the Heights. A friend and I have spent hours at a time there. Talking about life. The margaritas at that particular Tacos A Go Go are filthy.

This post was all over the place. Thank you for reading Jake Rambles. Hope you're well.