Sunday Night Thoughts

Sunday Night Thoughts

It's been awhile since I've had a non-Playlist Friday post on the blog. I do dive into random thoughts sometimes on those posts, but you know what I mean. The main point of those posts is primarily about the music. It's been awhile since I've gone way off the beaten path w a random post like this.

I went to bed a couple hours. Tossed and turned. Finally fell asleep, but woke back up like 45 mins later. Checked the clock and it's still only midnight. And I was feelin some thoughts. And I was like "I mean I do have a blog. Let me get up and type a little bit". Poured me a little iced coffee.

"Well now you definitely won't fall back to sleep". Yeah I will eventually. I think.


I was a little bored earlier tonight browsing through a few of the apps I have on the TV. And I settled on "Fences" on Hulu. The 2016 movie has Denzel Washington and Viola Davis in it. It's set in 1950s Pittsburgh. It's about a man (Denzel) who had dreams of making it in the big leagues (baseball), but he tried out too late in life. This because the major leagues had just began letting in black athletes at that time. He becomes bitter over this and never quite gets over it the rest of his life.

He creates friction amongst his own family because of it. His character is already a "tough love" type Dad. But add in the bitterness he carries because of his failed baseball dreams... and he's a person his family has a hard time being around. His son (played by Jovan Adepo) is an aspiring high school football player and he saw right through Denzel's bitterness. Not to much avail though. He also just wanted his Dad's approval throughout the movie, but Denzel's character is a bit of a D-bag.

I thought the acting was good in the movie. My problem w the film though.... Denzel's character talks A LOT. It got a little overbearing at times. His character isn't super likeable either. It's like you wanted to feel something for him. For him to overcome his bitterness and maybe soften up for his family a little. But his character is so far up his own ass... all his talking gets a little redundant at times.

The movie is a slow grind as well. It's based off a 1985 play and it kind of felt like one in various scenes. There's a lot of scenes inside and outside of the house w just talking. I feel like a couple of the scenes could've been taken out. The movie is about 2 hrs 20 mins. I think at least 30 mins could've been chopped out. I am mixed about the movie though because it did make me feel a little bit.

And I do like movies that make me feel "something". I think it's because I'm a sensitive gooshy soul deep down. 3 people read this blog. And I'm like 6 paragraphs in. No one may be reading these very words rn.

Long story short I give the movie a 6/10. 6 feels like a good number to me.

I was bored and on Instagram earlier too. And I saw something that surprised me.

I vaguely knew TV Girl was coming to Houston. I didn't know if it had pass or if it was in the future. I don't really care about TV Girl. I honestly haven't heard much of TV Girl's music.  However, I  saw who was opening that show for the first time...


Sunday, September 26th. Satellite Bar. I don't usually go to shows just for the opener, but this may be a show I go for the opener. I'll probably go and still stay for TV Girl just because I'm there, but I don't know.

It was just ironic timing because I was just talking about her on the recent Playlist Friday. She'll likely be my #1 most listened to artist at the end of the year.

I had to go back and see what the last concert I went to was. And it was May 1st, 2019. Deerhunter at White Oak. It's been quite awhile since I've seen live music that wasn't a person playing a guitar after a baseball game for tips.

Assuming covid doesn't cancel things... I plan on seeing Jordana, Japanese Breakfast and Alex G this Fall. I've seen Japanese Breakfast and Alex G multiple times, but I enjoy both of them very much.

I would definitely not be shocked if anything got cancelled, but if not seeing live music again will be fun. If something does get cancelled ah well. It's not a big deal. Any future dates for anything you have to take w a grain of salt in the current climate we live in. Unfortunately.

I've been listening to shuffle on Spotify while typing this post so far. Kurt Vile right now. "Lost my Head there". This was a good album. b'lieve i'm goin down... You have this song, "Pretty Pimpin", "Dust Bunnies", "That's Life, tho" and "Life Like This". Easily my favorite Kurt Vile record.

Yeah this album is hitting right now. Good Sunday Night vibes.

Wanna live, wanna live
Live a life like mine
Well I been doin' it, baby all the time
To do so you gotta roll with the punches
Jump from the sweetest to the toughest of tough love

hm. hm. what else to type about.

I kind of want to try those spicy Jack in the Box tiny tacos. It's probably dog meat grade bullshit garbage and I've only had Jack in the Box literally a couple times in my life, but I don't know. I do like garbage food from time to time. I do like Taco Bell very occasionally. "That's life, tho" is now playing on the album. And yeah I do get taco bell sometimes. That's life, tho. Life can be crazy.

With all this said... it's time for me to get back in bed.

These have been Sunday Night Thoughts.