Summertime Sadness - At least for a week?

Nothing major has gone wrong this week in particular. I'm just feeling a wave of nostalgia. I don't know why. Or where to put a finger on it.

I'm typing out loud, but it (might) be because I'm turning 30 in two months. Maybe I'm experiencing a wave of varying emotions regarding that.

I feel like the biggest thing I've improved on in the last few years is just pushing forward. I still get down. I still get sad, but I'm able to not let it affect my day to day life like it used to. I also have had a high shield up the last couple years. I haven't fallen for someone in over three years. That isn't for lack of trying. I tried from mid-2016 to early 2018 in that department. That's when I pumped the brakes. Just told myself to stop for the time being. I wasn't having much fun dating during that stretch.

I went to my periodontist earlier for a checkup and yearly exam. Long story short - my overall gums and mouth have improved to the point where my perio says I don't have to come back anymore and to just go to a general dentist. He gave me a referral for a dentist he says is "great and nice". I felt like I got dentist dumped. Imagine a guy or woman breaking up with their partner but giving them a referral slip for one of their friends. I never thought I would feel even a ounce of dismay about not having to go back to a periodontist, but here I was driving (dude Jake get it the fuck together bro). I KNO.

It isn't because I enjoy the procedures, etc (heck no), but Dr. Ferguson and company over in The Woodlands are some really nice people. Now I have to call this new dentist. I should've had an actual dentist a very long time ago. I take the L on that.

Anyways. This post is the definition of this blog. Rambling. That's what I intended the blog to be at least when I started it last year. Today is Wednesday. The next post will be Playlist Friday. A couple songs that'll be on this week's list brought my mood up a little tonight. Some legit boppers.

This gif lowkey kind of looks like me. He has a button up and I was dancing the same way.

If you've read this - thank you for checking out the blog. atchaaa.