State of Houston Pro Sports

State of Houston Pro Sports

(as of September 2, 2019)(all my opinions)

It's been awhile since I've had a post other than a Playlist Friday or something music related. It's Labor Day morning. I'm drinking coffee. I've gotten about a mile in steps in since waking up. I'm feeling good. I have some time to relax today. I figured I would make a post about something I find very easy to type about. S p o r t s. This post will be about Houston pro sports in particular.

I plan on making a couple of other posts soon in the next week or two. Maybe pancakes. Maybe about dating. Maybe global warming. I'm hoping maybe today's post will break a seal and let the creative blogging juices flow a little more. I'm definitely not putting in what I pay to have this blog on a month to month basis. This little blog is actually quite pricey for what it currently is. $30 x 12 = $360 a year.

Anyways. State of Houston Pro sports.

It's been quite the busy last several months for the Astros, Rockets and Texans.

Let me hold on for a second.

Justin Verlander yesterday.


Photo: Vaughn Ridley, Getty Images

Astros: One month to go until the playoffs. It's literally World Series title or bust for the team. They got Greinke a month ago to put behind Verlander and Cole in the rotation. Greinke hasn't been terrible thus far, but he also hasn't been great. Still a month to go. So things might round into form for him again. IF all 3 guys perform to their expectations in the playoffs... the Astros should win it all.

The one area of concern for the team is the bullpen. The Astros definitely have better starting pitching than any other AL playoff team, but if games are getting late and they're close... the current state of the bullpen against the likes of the Yankees and Twins is a scary prospect to think about. A few things will change by October. Pressly will be back (hopefully), Josh James is coming back in the next couple weeks (maybe). We shall see. As of this very moment... I give the Astros a slightly better chance of reaching the World Series from the AL than the Yankees. I'm also a homer. I try to be realistic as possible though. It would not surprise me if the Yankees did indeed beat the Astros in the ALCS. They have a crazy offense. An offense that could obliterate the current state of the Astros bullpen.

(fingers crossed for the Astros though of course)

Rockets: The NBA has calmed down a bit. A month and a half or so since trades had the sports world abuzz. One of those trades being Chris Paul for Westbrook. That one surprised me quite a bit. I feel like the Rockets won that trade. Just due to Westbrook being a little younger. Plus there was reported "drama" between Paul and Harden. So Harden has his best friend in Westbrook on the team now.

Photo: ClutchPoints

I don't think Rockets win the title because of this move. It helps them get closer, but I think the Lakers or Clippers will come out of the West. I would like to be wrong here. Hopefully I am! But one thing this trade does do... is actually get me a little excited for NBA season. I think I watched 4-5 full Rockets games last year out of the 82 game regular season. I like this trade. Does it have the potential to be a train wreck? Possibly. Does it also have the potential to make me go to a game or two? Yes.

Photo: Eric Christian Smith, AP

Texans: What a busy weekend for Houston's pro football team. They trade Clowney away. They trade a lot of draft picks to get a premier LT in Tunsil. My honest first blush impression of the Tunsil deal was "man, the Texans gave up a lot to get him", but after I thought about it for awhile... I actually liked the trade for Houston a little more. Like the Rockets... I don't think the Texans' moves over the weekend make them win a title, but it at least shows they're willing to take some chances in trying to win now. They're rolling the chips all in on this season. With Luck's surprise retirement a couple weeks ago and now these moves... the Texans should at least win the AFC South again. Their schedule is tough, but the div is very weak on paper now with Luck retiring. Texans may be able to win it with 10 wins.

TLDR: Astros are still Houston's strongest hope for another title, but the Rockets and Texans have at least made things a little intriguing in their respected sports. There's at least more entertainment value with both of them with the moves both teams were able to pull off. How it impacts the future for them going forward... remains to be seen, but at least the next couple seasons will be interesting.

Pro sports at the end of the day is just a distraction from reality. Like a TV show or listening to music. I think it's fun to watch and make small talk about. A sports season is like real life. Highs and lows. Lows and highs. Astros may win 8 games in a row and then the following couple series struggle to hit the ball out of seemingly nowhere. I'm having a good day this morning. Tomorrow may suck. Hopefully not, but you get my drift for the analogy's sake. I like the parallels you can relate to sports in that aspect.

Anyways. Thank you for reading. Hope all is dandy.