St. Vincent

St. Vincent

Photo: Julia Drummond

Usually when I browse Instagram, etc... I'll see pictures from other people who went to concerts. And usually I'll mentally just go "that looked like a decent time" and then I'll keep scrolling after I hit the little heart button to like said concert pic/video. Yesterday, I was scrolling down my feed and I happened to see pics from St. Vincent's set from Panorama in New York this past weekend.

My first reaction was "Damn Annie, what up".

She's worn similar outfits the last several years. The first time I saw her was in 2011... she had a black shirt and a black skirt on ("what is this a fashion blog now, bro?"). It's been cool to see her evolve not just clothes wise on stage, but also musically as well. Some may say "well less flashy is more" in terms of on stage wear, but I think what she's been wearing the last several years matches the mood of a lot of the music she's been releasing since. When I saw her first in 2011... she had released three albums to that point. And she definitely had songs that I could see her wearing what she's been wearing now while playing them, but I feel like her music was more "contained" than it is now (for the most part) (style wise). Her older music is great. A lot of her new music is great. She's just more "edgy" now.

I hate that word btw. "Edgy". I spent like five minutes just now trying to portray what to say and how her music has evolved and the image she presents now and I just said "fuck it, let's use edgy and get this shit over with". It's also storming outside at the moment and my concentration is not 100%.

So yes. Annie Clark/St. Vincent. She is a gem, alright.

One of the Playlist Fridays was just her songs. Which you can also stream via the blog's Spotify playlist that has all Playlist Friday songs bunched into one list. Nothing like plugging on my own blog.

Hope you're having a good day. Thanks for reading.