Serena Williams

Serena Williams

This is the first post on the blog that I'm attempting to type from my cellular device aka iPhone 6. For some reason caps lock stays on every time I capitalize a word. It's also really clunky-ish trying to type a post on mobile on this platform. The screen moves every time I type, but this is Jake Rambles. A groundbreaking blog that pushes the g'dang limit on technological limits. What up.

Even if you're not a tennis fan... you've probably heard about or seen the whole Serena Williams ordeal at the US Open last weekend. Serena received a first violation during her Finals match with fellow competitor Naomi Osaka due to her coach giving coaching signals. Serena then became very heated with umpire Carlos Ramos. A few minutes later after losing the game - she slammed her racket to the court and proceeded to have more heated words with Ramos. She then got a second code violation which resulted in a point loss. Serena called Ramos a thief afterwards. Ramos then gave Serena a third code violation afterwards which took a whole game away from her. The verbal barrage from Serena warranted it (imo). Before the initial coaching violation even happened - it was a pretty lopsided match to begin with. Osaka was beating Serena pretty handily. She was already up a set and a half.

After everything was said and done - Serena ending up losing the match a few minutes later. I'm not doing the best of jobs explaining the whole situation most likely. I'm assuming most people know what happened before I type this. I also have headphones on. I'm listening to this:

Typing I had headphones on was just a mini-segway excuse in posting that song tbh. I have headphones on during every post I type on this blog. So yes. Serena Williams. I feel like she was out of line in this situation. It was a bad look for her. Naomi Osaka's first major title will forever be tarnished now because it'll be "the match that Serena had drama with umpire Carlos Ramos". The main thing I just find comical is after the match in her press conference Serena said she stood her ground and argued because of women's rights. Nothing about the entire situation had to do with gender equality.

This isn't the first time Serena has had meltdowns on big stages. In 2009 during the US Open finals she threatened a line umpire that she was going to stuff a tennis ball down their throat. She also had an outburst in 2011 at the same tournament (also in the Finals). So this isn't the first time something of this nature has happened. She also lost in those two matches as well. I'm sure that was just a fluke though...

Look... Serena will go down as one of the greatest tennis players of all time. Not just in the women's game, but all time. She has achieved greatness in the sport. I just feel like she embarrassed herself and the sport last weekend. And this isn't the first time. Extremely poor sportsmanship. Anyways.

Thanks for reading as always.