Saint Pepsi

Saint Pepsi

Howdy. Another Friday is upon us. Friday, August 30th, 2019. Today usually means a new Playlist Friday is posted on the blog. Well, I was not comfortable sharing 5 songs this week because I've honestly not been super in tuned with a lot of music the last several days. I felt like putting together a list last minute wouldn't be 100% JakeRambles approved. I have to really like the songs I'm posting. PF will return next week. I'll do a better job at listening to different music.

I haven't listened to a ton of different music this week, but I have listened to quite a bit of Saint Pepsi's latest album Mannequin Challenge. It dropped this week. It is not on Spotify (as of this post). So that's a little inconvenient (first world problems). Groovy vibes as usual. I first heard Skylar's music in 2013 (I believe). I always get nostalgia vibes whenever I re-visit a little Saint Pepsi. Life.

You can hear several of the album's songs on YouTube or simply via his Bandcamp page. Definitely worth a listen. Some nice vibes to have in the background, etc.

I know no Playlist Friday was posted, but if you've still checked out the blog today... it's appreciated.

Hope all is well.