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I'm a Houston Astros fan. Yesterday the team traded for Toronto relief pitcher Roberto Osuna. Osuna was arrested in May and then handed a 75 game suspension from the MLB for an incident with a woman. That 75 game suspension is set to come to an end soon. He's also going to court this week.

This was a bad move.

Osuna has yet to be found guilty, but something did happen. Or he wouldn't have been in this mess to begin with. The MLB suspended current Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman 30 games in 2016 for domestic abuse. Reports are Chapman fired off a gun eight times and strangled his girlfriend. He got a 30 game suspension. Osuna was handed a 75 game suspension. Maybe MLB has lengthened domestic abuse suspension times due to everything that has happened in the last couple years or maybe MLB knows certain things about the Osuna case. Chapman and Osuna are both despicable humans.

Osuna is not "guilty" in the court of law (yet), but he did something wrong. I truly believe the Astros made this move because they had some insight that charges would be dropped and everything would settle in the court of law. They wouldn't be stupid enough (you'd think) to make this trade and then Osuna not being able to play at all. Jeff Luhnow (Astros GM) is not a stupid guy.

And hypothetically if charges are dropped...

I'm still not a fan of this move. It still casts a cloud of negativity around the organization. Whether it be from the inside or how it is now with the media, etc. Not to mention - he still did something to begin with. It's impossible for me to cheer for someone who would hit or physically abuse a woman. I've seen people say "well once he starts doing good for the team - more people will come around".

Or "if he helps the Astros win another World Series... all of this will be forgotten". Or... "he made a mistake. People deserve second chances".

Give me a break.

A mistake is forgetting to buy milk at the grocery store. A mistake is turning off the snooze alarm on your phone and oversleeping and being late for work. Physically harming a woman is not a mistake. There's something wrong in Osuna's DNA. And getting to the argument people have made about the team winning ... of course I want the Astros to win. I just don't want the Astros to win that bad.

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