Post Uno

Post Uno

Hi. Hello. Howdy. Hola.

I'm Jake. This is my blog - Jake Rambles.

I use to blog a lot years ago. Mainly about music. I would interview bands, review concerts, albums, etc. I enjoyed it a lot. Then I would stop updating...

Months would go by. Real life happened. More months go by...


I love music. Always have. Always will. I'm listening to music as I type this very post. This very word. Currently listening to Deerhunter - Famous Last Words


Deerhunter will always be one of my favorite bands.

Where. Was. I.

So, months would go by. I wouldn't update the music site.

Besides real life happening... I also just felt crunched to always come up with something. And obviously since it was a music site... it would have to do with music.

If I didn't have any interview leads with any bands. I got bummed.

If I couldn't think of enough topics for a weekly column. I got bummed.

I always felt the need to listen to EVERY NEW ALBUM IN MUSIC THAT WAS RELEASED.



I would get bummed. And I wouldn't post.

After a lot of contemplation about blogging again...

(And it has been awhile)

I've been thinking about what I could possibly blog about.

I always read it was wise to stick to one topic.
(especially if you want to make money from your blog)

Well... I'm not making money from this blog.
And if I do get more then 8 people reading this thing in a month...
I may put an ad up. I'm just lowkey being honest.

Life is expensive.

I need every cent I can get to afford the balla lifestlye that I live.

The chainz, the whipssss, theeee....


I'm jk. The Rock is laughing at that last part.

So, I decided to make this blog. Jake Rambles.

And it will literally be whatever I feel like posting.

I'm a big fan of punctation and grammar, but I'm not as worried about messing up here and there on this blog as I was with the music site.

I also realize people aren't going to agree with everything I say on here.
That's the beauty with opinions though.

This blog is 100% my opinions