Playlist Friday

Playlist Friday

It's Friday. I decided to make Fridays "Playlist Friday" on the blog. Five songs I've been listening to during said week and posting about them on Friday. Songs that have made my work week or spare time go a little smoother. What are you listening to? Feel free to comment or reach me through IG. It'd be cool to learn about new songs. I honestly don't know if I've had more than 4 viewers on the blog total since starting. I know I've had at least 3 because they told me, but 4? That would be big time.

(Depending on when you come across this post - a YouTube link may not be working)

UMO - Hunnybee

Sex & Food is one of my favorite albums of the year. UMO is a band that consistently puts out solid record after solid record. "Hunnybee" immediately jumped out to me when I first listened to the new album. It's funky, it's upbeat and the bass is so damn sexy. I include the song in this list because the music video dropped for it this week and because I'm still hooked on it. Greg Sharp does an amazing job with the video. Great song. Great video. Truba Animation w/the production.

Soccer Mommy - Your Dog

Soccer Mommy is the stage name for one - Sophie Allison. "Your Dog" is a track from her debut album Clean, which was released a few months ago. I went with a stripped down performance of the song (the studio version is just as good). The subject of the song is a tough one, but she still manages to make a catchy tune out of it. She's loaded with talent. Chilling track. Especially stripped down.

Deerhunter - 60 Cycle Hum

Deerhunter. One of my favorite bands. My love runs DEEP. I've been re-visiting a lot of their stuff again this week. The song I'm repeating the most though is - "60 Cycle Hum". The song first became public 7 years ago when the band played it on a BBC radio station, but it never was put on a record officially. I love the band, but this song is better than some of their tracks on Monomania and a few of the songs on Halcyon Digest. They premiered the track in between those two albums so who knows why it didn't make a record. It's a great song though. Bless the internet for us being able to have a copy of it digitally.

Tomemitsu - In Dreams

Chilling. Deep. Beautiful. Nostalgia dripping. "In Dreams" is a track from Tomemitsu's 2013 album m_o_d_e_s. I've had this track on a steady rotation this week. The lyrics are beautiful. Great song.

Nothing - Zero Day

I wrote about this song earlier this week. It's been one of my most played songs of the week. So it rounds out this list. Nothing returned after a two year layoff. "Zero Day" is a classic Nothing banger. Heavy hitting and IN YO FACE.

And I'm out! Would love to read what you're listening to. No matter when you come across this post. Leave a comment or msg me on IG. Thanks for reading Jake Rambles. Hope you're well.