Playlist Friday

Playlist Friday

Howdaaay! It's Friday, January 22nd, 2021. Getting back on track with Friday playlists. I'm posting this a little bit later than I normally do on Fridays, but I'm doing the best I can!

Hope your week has gone well. It's been a pretty dreary last 24-30 hrs in and around the Houston area. Cloudy skies and an occasional drizzle. Very pacific northwest like.

Good music listening weather though (I think it's always good music listening weather) but I'm tryin to sell this week's playlist. Ride w me for a second. One word I would describe this week's playlist is: Catchy. First 3 songs are easily accessible. 4th song is semi-accessible. And the last song... Sofia Portanet - "Planet Mars". If you're feeling a little sluggish... just put that track on. You may not like it, but that voice will wake you up. It's a unique 70's sci-fi rock vibe. I included it because I don't hear that everyday and it caught me a little off guard when I heard it a few days ago.

I was digging a little more into Sofia Portanet. She's half German and half Spanish. She grew up in Paris. She sings in three languages across her discography. I still have to dig into more of her stuff, but I'll at least give it a listen. She seems to be a very interesting artist. A lot of these artists and bands I include on Playlist Friday are artists and bands I'm usually just still getting used to myself.

That's part of the reason I like doing this weekly. The power of music. Bless.

I appreciate you checking out the blog. Hope you have a good weekend.

(Depending on when you come across this post - a YouTube link may not be working)