Playlist Friday

Playlist Friday

Hello out there in internet land. The first Friday of December is here. Friday, December 4th, 2020. How's your week been? Hope it's gone well. A rare week last week with no playlist. Thanksgiving weekend kind of threw a wrench into things. Playlist Friday returns this week in style.

This is the third time I've posted her on a Playlist Friday this year alone, but she happened to be my most listened to artist on Spotify in 2020 and it's the new single off her new upcoming EP that drops a week from today... Nil├╝fer Yanya. "Crash" is a certified banger. It's easily accessible and it slaps.

The rest of this week's playlist tones up the mellowness. "Stay Home" by Shute is quarantine 2020 mellow vibes. "A bite of papaya" by MIYNT is mellow with just enough touch of spice that it has a nice savory mix to it. Can you tell I'm hungry? I honestly want a sausage egg mcmuffin from McDonald's right now. Anyways... "Opiate" by Puma Blue and "Warning Sign" from Far Caspian cap off the week's playlist with a mellow nostalgia ride around the world of emotions.

Have a listen if you so wish. A reminder that I put every song posted on a Playlist Friday into one Spotify playlist. Just search "Jake Rambles". The playlist recently crossed 400 songs. I sometimes listen to it while I'm working, etc. 83 Playlist Fridays in one playlist. What a time...

I appreciate you reading the blog. Hope you have a good weekend as always. Bless.

(Depending on when you come across this post - a YouTube link may not be working)