Playlist Friday

Playlist Friday

Howday! A new Friday has arrived. Which means one thing on the blog... Playlist Friday. 5 songs I really like that maybe you'll like. If you don't like them already. Hope you're having a good week.

A person commented on last week's post and suggested a "sounds like Deerhunter" Spotify playlist he had made. The playlist can be found here. I enjoyed it. He also has several other "sounds like" playlists. I like what he's doing. I think it's cool. From the cover art of the playlists to the actual playlists themselves. You can find him on Twitter at @in__parentheses.

This week's playlist on the blog excites me, too. One... because I discovered a few new cool bands/artists I like. Two... one of those bands is MOTO BANDIT (second on this week's list). Who in this particular song gives me Gauntlet Hair vibes. They're not full on GH in terms of the twangy guitar progression, but the song gives me a similiar overall feel to GH's final album Stills. That final album of theirs was released in 2013. Just crazy to think about. Besides MOTO BANDIT... some chill tunes.

Chill tunes to vibe to. Amen.

Pecas, De Rien... vibes.

Banzai Florist, Wise Blood... vibes.

I first heard Wise Blood a long time ago. At least ten years ago. The first song I ever heard of his was "STRT SRNS". That song hooked me. I've listened on and off to his music since then. He's one of those artists where I'm surprised he never got bigger. I compare him to DOM (Dominic Cournoyer). Not in terms of music genre. Just in terms of "how did these guys not take off more?".

Chris Laufman (Wise Blood) released an assortment of B sides a month ago. I included one to wrap up this week's playlist. It's not my favorite song he's ever put out, but it still vibes.

Windows down vibe FEELS.

I appreciate you checking out the blog. Hope you have a good day/weekend.

(Depending on when you come across this post - a YouTube link may not be working)