Playlist Friday

Playlist Friday

Hello! Happy Friday! Playlist Friday on the blog. Five songs I've been listening to during said week and posting about them on Friday. Songs that have made my work week or spare time go a little smoother. What are you listening to? Feel free to comment or IG me @ flimsypizza. Hope your day and week have gone well. It's been one of those weeks for me where I feel a day off. On Wednesday - it felt like a Thursday. Yesterday felt like today, etc. Today feels like a second Friday.

Enough rambling though. On with this week's list!

(Depending on when you come across this post - a YouTube link may not be working)

Soccer Mommy - Cool

I put Soccer Mommy on a previous Playlist Friday, but I really enjoy her recent album Clean. AOTY nominee. "Cool" is a fun, catchy track. The aesthetics in the music video are also 10/10.

Link Wray - Ice People

A influential force in the music of rock & roll. Link Wray. "Ice People" is off his 1971 self titled album. Without LW, it's hard to say where modern rock would be today. He was a true rock pioneer.

Suburban Lawns - Janitor

Suburban Lawns were a short lived band in the early 80s. "Janitor" was the main single off their one and only (self titled) album release in 1981. Off the wall & fun track.

The Au Pairs - It's Obvious

Another band with a relatively short shelf life. The Au Pairs were a band for five years in the late 70s into the early 80s. "It's Obvious" was a single off their debut album (Playing with a Different Sex). Groovin'.

Cloakroom - Moon Funeral

Cloakroom is a band I listen to quite a bit. "Moon Funeral" is off the group's debut 2015 album Further Out. Stoner metal, emo metal, sludge... I've seen and heard a lot of different labels people have thrown on the band's music. All I know is I feel mentally muddy after I listen to this band (in a good way). I imagine "Moon Funeral" to be like spending a few minutes in the Sahara Desert and a huge dust storm wallops you. It's straight in your face and filthy right out of the gate.