Playlist Friday

Playlist Friday

Hello! It's Friday, May 1st, 2020.

A post... I know. Shocking. Life has been something. No more Fridays will be missed moving forward for the rest of the year. Pinky swear.

Well maybe not a pinky swear with social distancing going on. A e-pinky swear.


It looks like Texas is slowly getting back to normal. A lot of things are re-opening. The beaches, some movie theaters, stores re-opening today. And then more stuff will be opened up later in the month and beyond. I see some people say this is too soon to be opening things back up.

I do think it's too early myself, but at the same time I also understand the point of technically until a vaccine is out... it'll always be too early. And a vaccine may not be here for 12-18 months. I've heard reports of September there may be something too. So who knows. A lot of stuff changes day by day.

I think a lot of people will be extra careful the next month or so with social distancing, measures taken, etc. And then after that I don't know. I see people kind of relaxing back into old ways as more time goes on. Maybe not. Maybe this virus has forever changed the way we live and interact in public. Time will tell.

I think the next few months will be interesting to see the virus numbers. They're going to spike a little with things re-opening, but how bad? I don't know. Leaders are kind of in a no win situation. You can stay home under orders and have the economy plummet. Or you can take a big chance and have things re-opened so a lot of people can make a living again, etc with a chance of another lockdown/s in the future because there isn't a vaccine out yet. So it's all crazy. It's a pick your poison type situation.

Onto the blog.

A few things need to be tweaked. Author name is hidden, the bio is gone under posts, the search function is not working. When I upgraded the blog a few months ago to meet Ghost's (this blogging platform) guidelines... a few things got broken on the blog. And with Ghost... everything is 10x the work for a relative noob at coding html, etc. It's not like Wordpress or Tumblr where you can click a button and things happen. I so wish it was though. I regret not signing up this blog w/wordpress to be perfectly honest now. I love the look and feel of the blog. And I'm not quitting the blog. It's just a lot of work for very minuscule things and details. Instead of clicking a button that says "author name on" you have to open up a coding program and edit html.

At least I can still post. These very words. Being seen right now. So the core of the blog is still intact. It's just a few side details that need to be worked on. Enough mumbo jumbo rambling though.

I've been listening to these 5 songs quite a bit this week. All of them are catchy. Maybe you'll like them if you haven't heard them already.

Thank you for reading the blog. It's appreciated.

(Depending on when you come across this post - a YouTube link may not be working)