Playlist Friday

Playlist Friday

Howdaaaay. The last day of the month is here. Just happens that it's also Friday. Friday, January 31st, 2020. It's the 50th Playlist Friday in the blog's history. Crazy times. Crazy times.

This has been a month. Not the greatest start to 2020, but I'm alive. I was checking my email earlier this week and I got one that said (Sandy) Alex G is coming back to Houston in April. That was something I wasn't really expecting since he came to Texas not too long ago, but skipped Houston. Now he's coming back and tackling San Antonio as well. I (don't) think he went to San Antonio either on his last swing through Texas. I don't feel like checking rn. I want to say it was just Austin and Dallas.

I go to about 1 concert a year these days. That might be my one concert this year. Unless Deerhunter plays Houston again... then maybe two. Deerhunter plays Houston or nearby... I travel to see them. Forever and always. If it's in a 3 hour radius from northern Houston... you'll find me at a Deerhunter show.

Speaking of (Sandy) Alex G... the first artist on this week's list... gives off big Alex G vibes. Is he as good as (Sandy) Alex G.... no he's not. But he's pretty good and the vibes are there. I also got a little Real Estate vibe in the middle of the song as well.

Something else music wise that struck my interest was checking out Caribou's new stuff this week. Holy jaysus. I was never a huge Caribou fan. I thought some of his stuff was okay. He was actually one of my first concerts. I mainly went because a friend knew more of his stuff than I did. Plus back then... I would go to a lot of shows just to go.

I think it was 2009 or 2010 at Warehouse Live in Houston. He was the headliner and Toro y Moi was the opener. This was in one of the smaller rooms. It's one of those shows where you go back and are like "how in the heck was that show in a small room?".

Toro y Moi hadn't blown up yet and I guess Warehouse Live deemed Caribou not big enough for the ballroom. Or maybe ticket sales weren't great. Who knows. What do I know is... one of his new singles "Home"... which I put on this week's playlist... is my favorite Caribou song already. Before this it was his 2010 song "Odessa", but "Home" is a damn gem.

He's also coming to Houston this year. That is a type of show that isn't for me anymore though. In 2009-2010... okay. Now the thought of bumping back and forth between sweaty people and dancing... maybe after a couple drinks. But I'll 99.9% sit that one out. I rather vibe out while jogging or inside my place.

Anyways. Have a listen to this week's list if you so wish. Have a good weekend.

Thanks for reading.

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