Playlist Friday

Playlist Friday

Happy Friday the 13th! May it be a lucky Friday. Playlist Friday returns after a one week absence. Playlist Friday ... five songs that have made my work week or spare time go a little smoother. What are you listening to? Feel free to comment or IG me @ flimsypizza. Lessgo.

(Depending on when you come across this post - a YouTube link may not be working)

Gang Gang Dance - Lotus

GGD came onto the scene in 2001. Their eccentric ways gathered them a decent cult like following. The band recently put out their first album in seven years entitled Kazuashita. The band does not miss a beat. They're playing a few shows with Deerhunter, later this year, in Japan. Talk about a show...

Nicola Cruz - Invocacion (Original Mix)

Nicola Cruz was born in France to South American descent. He's a electronic producer, musician and DJ. He currently resides in Quito, Ecuador. I'm not a huge DJ fan, but Nicola Cruz is one DJ I absolutely love. I love the way he paints Andrean culture, landscapes and rhythms into his music. I find it perfect music to listen to as I input things into the computer during the workday. I put "Invocacion" (the original mix) as a song from him into this week's post because it's pretty accessible and it includes the South American vibe he puts out in all of his music. Nicola Cruz is the official DJ of Jake Rambles.

Nothing - Blue Line Baby

Nothing. What can I say? I love them. They released their second single off their new album this week. It's called "Blue Line Baby". It's good. Dance on the Blacktop (releasing on August 24) is shaping up to be another great album from the Philly group.

Hooded Fang - Bye Bye Land

Stellar track. Hooded Fang hails from Toronto. They've been oozing rock sounds since 2007. "Bye Bye Land" is off their 2013 LP GRAVEZ.

Moses Gunn Collective - Shalala

MCG is a psychedelic group out of Brisbane. "Shalala" is a catchy track off their 2014 LP Morning Shakes. Did I say it was catchy? Have a good one, folks. Thanks for reading the blog.