Playlist Friday

Playlist Friday

Hello! Friday is here once again. Which means Playlist Friday on the blog. A weekly playlist that highlights 5 songs that I'm digging. That maybe you'll dig too. Maybe. Maybe not.

This week's songs are varied in genre. I will say though... Chloe Frances. First heard her music this week. She has the last song on this week's list. I really like her stuff. So much so I put her twice in this week's list. Once as a bonus song. 6 songs total this week. Whaaat. Check her out more if you like the songs.

Last week I said I would post about the Astros cheating scandal this week.

I'll just do that now.

Last week I was disappointed. I was like "the only title this team has won will always be tainted". I let time sink in... I wanted to be concrete in how I felt before posting.

But I will not stop watching them because of this.

BECAUSE... and it's quite simple. I watch or listen to sports as a distraction from reality. I'm disappointed that the team cheated, but I find the hypocrisy from other team's fans and a lot of the media to be so cringe worthy. If the curtain was unveiled... there's shady happenings in all sports. Sometimes from the league themselves. I don't think any of the pro team sports are squeaky clean.

From fixed games, fixed Super Bowls, fixed results, etc.

If the curtain was unveiled... a lot of fans' minds would be blown wide open.

So I thought to myself... "Why stop watching/listening to the Astros? when I already know pro sports in general are dirty? I enjoy watching the Astros". So all these dumb brain dead fans of other teams thinking sports are life and that their teams are squeaky clean... they can suck the D.

Sports are not life. Sports are something you watch if you're bored or want a distraction from reality. Same thing with music and movies. It's a form of entertainment. All these Yankees and Dodgers fan begging for MLB to strip the 2017 title from the Astros... suck the D.

Conspiracy theory time: MLB WANTED THE ASTROS TO WIN IN 2017. Especially with Hurricane Harvey. All these sports fans thinking sports are played out without any shady happenings. It's maddening. Another conspiracy theory: ALL TEAMS STEAL SIGNS ELECTRONICALLY. It's one way to script what MLB wants to happen. "Why do you watch baseball and other sports if you think some of it is scripted?"

Good question. I said I like to watch sports as a distraction. I also like to pretend I'm watching a show or movie. I like to predict things as if they were all 100% clean and I also like to predict things how I think the particular league wants things to play out. I like to see how a sports season ends.

While I'm at it... let's talk about 9/11- I'm jk.

So yeah that's my opinion on the Astros scandal.

Playlist Friday though. Have a listen if you so wish. Thanks for checking out the blog.

(Depending on when you come across this post - a YouTube link may not be working)

Bonus song: