Playlist Friday

Playlist Friday

Howdaaay! It's Friday, May 27th, 2022. Hope your week has gone well.

I'm currently typing this post from a hotel room in Seattle on my phone so formatting will not be as good as usual Playlist Fridays :, I'm not including the actual YouTube videos in this post like I normally do. I pre-did the post header gif before I left because it might've been a little sloppy if I attempted doing so on my phone. I'm dedicated to this blog I tell you what.

This is my second time in Seattle in 10 or so months. Last year I came in a unusually warm heat wave. Zero drops of rain when I visited last year :o I traveled in last night and was greeted w much more stereotypical Seattle weather. Cloudy, semi-chilly w a constant drizzling. This is what I wanted to experience this time though :,

Staying here till Sun night. I was looking forward to the Animal Collective + SOTB show in Houston on Monday night, but AC had to postpone/cancel the rest of their tour because of covid. Hopefully the guys feel better. I believe it's Avey & Deke who fell down w it. So best wishes to them.

The week has been tragic w the school shooting in Uvalde, TX. This has re-sparked heated convos yet again. laws, guns, etc etc. All I know is these things should never happen. Parents shouldn't have to worry about dropping their kid off and hoping they'll be okay. Those kids had their whole lives in front of them. I didn't want to dig too deep into this topic. I try to keep it light on the blog. Just unfortunate & tragic.

This week's playlist has a few returning artists & bands.

Have a listen if you so wish.

I appreciate you reading. Hope you have a good weekend.


1) Helado Negro - "Hometown Dream"

2) Cloakroom - "Lambspring"

3) SPICE - "Recovery"

4) Alex G - "Blessing"

5) Slow Pulp - "In Too Deep" (Sum 41 cover)