Playlist Friday

Playlist Friday

Howdy! This blog is called Jake Rambles, but lately it could be called Playlist Friday because that's all that's been posted lately. That will change soon. I have a couple posts planned as I type this. Speaking of Playlist Friday... today is Friday. Hope your week has gone well. It's been a cold one here across a lot of Texas the last couple days. It also looks like a really brutal cold front is pushing through the midwest-coastal regions next week. This has been Jake Rambles Ultra Weather Forecast. Have a good on-

I debated about having a Playlist Friday because I've literally spent 97% of my music listening time this week listening to the new Deerhunter album (Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared?). I said last week I would review it. I still am. I'm letting it sink it fully. I never get why some people review albums after listening to it one time. Maybe if they found the album outright horrid, but I like to let albums breathe. I'll listen to the same album while I'm in a happy, sad or neutral mood. Different times. Have my opinion fully formed about a record before I make a final judgement about it. I've listened to this particular album probably about 7-8 times now. So I have a decent opinion on it now, but I'm going to spin it a few more times. Review post should be up in the next 1-2 weeks.

(3/3/19 edit - YouTube deleted the live show. That's nice)

Since the album is pretty much all I've listened to this week... I'm just putting up a live show from them last year for this week's Playlist Friday. I watched it this past weekend. The band performs 4 tracks off WHEAD? so it's cool to see how the songs come off live.

The intro to "What Happens to People?" at 10:35 is nice. The band jams. Elaborate intros, elaborate jams during songs. They're known for long dragged out encores. I saw them play a small venue in Beaumont, TX a couple years ago (seeing a band the size of Deerhunter in a small Beaumont venue will probably always be up there as one of my favorite show experiences). They were touring with Kings of Leon (of all bands) and they played smaller shows during off days of that particular tour. A friend and I made the 1 hr 45ish road trip to Beaumont from N Houston. It was on a Sunday and downtown Beaumont was dead. I try to avoid Beaumont. I have no reason to go to Beaumont unless I'm heading way East. For Deerhunter though... we came to Beaumont. If you're reading from Beaumont... thanks for finding the blog.

Elaborate encores though. Yes. First off... the band played "Game of Diamonds" live for the first time since 2009 at that show. Out of all the shows the band has played... they hadn't played that song since 2009. And of all the gigs. From Tokyo to California to New York... they pick Beaumont, Texas to play it. With probably 200 people max in attendance. The whole thing was random. Deerhunter playing in Beaumont was random enough. The band wrapped up the show with "Nothing Ever Happened" which was one of their encore staples the past couple years. All the live shows I've seen online and in person they've extended the song to a hefty 15-20 minutes. This was no different. This encore... at a Beaumont venue (The Gig is it's name to be specific) was at least 40 minutes total. It was only four official songs.

Bradford went on a long random spill in the middle of the encore. Somehow getting into politics and how his conservative Dad would whip his ass if he was at the show right now. I can't remember everything he said (I did have two long island iced teas). It was a very short spill about politics and mostly just random back and forth from Bradley to the rest of the band making jokes. It was about as loose as I've ever seen a band. Much less DEER EFFING HUNTER. It was a fun show.

I've really gone out off the ramble edge here. This blog is called Jake Rambles though. I guess my point is - if you even remotely like Deerhunter and they're playing near you... go see them. The only thing guaranteed is a jam and who knows what else you'll get. It's worth it.