Playlist Friday

Playlist Friday

Howday! Another Friday is upon us. Friday, February 11th, 2022. Hope your week has gone well.

It's a Super Valentine's Day Weekend. You have the Super Bowl on Sunday and Valentine's Day on Monday, but I'm sure a lot of people will be celebrating Vday before then. I know I said in the 2022 post that I'm going to attempt dating again this year. Well I haven't just yet. I will soon :,

Might treat myself to a chicken sandwich somewhere tonight. I've had a spicy chicken sandwich on my mind since last night. I'm so hungry right now. My stomach regrets me typing this out. I'll probably eat a bagel really fast after this. But I know my mind will be all spicy chicken sandwich today.


I've done Playlist Friday for almost 4 years now and this week might've been the toughest week to find 5 songs that I liked enough to be on the list. I probably went through 80 bands/artists.

Almost included Jordana or Nilüfer Yanya's newest singles, but I had them on a bit last year. Jordana's newest single reminds me Carly Rae Jepsen a little bit. I might be crazy. "Catch My Drift" is the single for Jordana. "Midnight Sun" is the single for Nilüfer Yanya. I love both artists.

This week's playlist kicks off w Trauma Ray. They're from the Fort Worth area. A couple weeks ago I had on Skirts who is from the Dallas area. So some decent music has been popping out of that general area the last few years. Their name reminds me of Sugar Ray. I have no idea if their name is a play off that. It has to be... if I had a chance to interview them that would be part of my hard hitting questions.

Cloakroom rounds out the list. Probably the least accessible song on the list so I put it last. Also because it's the heaviest track. I've talked about them in the past. Their 2015 album Further Out was on repeat for me in a lot of down times several years ago. I will always have a soft spot for them.

"Dissembler" is off their recent record which dropped a a couple weeks ago entitled Dissolution Wave. Like most of their songs it feels like having musical sludge poured on you. Beautiful, beautiful sludge.

Wombo, Rumskib & Sweeping Promises fill out this week's playlist.

I appreciate you reading. Hope you have a good weekend.


1) Trauma Ray - "Relay"

2) Wombo - "Dreamsickle"

3) Rumskib - "Where Are The Flowers"

4) Sweeping Promises - "Pain Without a Touch"

5) Cloakroom - "Dissembler"

(Depending on when you come across this post - a YouTube link may not be working)