Playlist Friday

Playlist Friday

Hello! It's Friday, February 4th, 2022. Hope your week has gone well.

Hope you're staying warm if you're in any area impacted by the Winter weather.

I know the Greater Houston area is feeling it a little today. A lot of schools and businesses are closed here today. It's currently 27 degrees outside as I type this. I was watching the local news last night and you would've thought a blizzard was coming. They had like 6 reporters stationed around the city. A couple of them were in a van as they were driven around freeways reporting on the conditions.

I get it though. It's still dangerous to be driving around w icy conditions. Better to be safe than sorry. Staying home is the best option if a person can.

Onto this week's Playlist!

I would say 3 of the 4 Playlist Fridays this year so far have been pretty rock-centric. And that does not change this week. If anything this week is probably the most rock-centric playlist of them all from a overall standpoint. Last week I threw in a little electronic track in the middle by Shelf Life.

This week there's no little electronic track. Just various genres of rock.

Old Coke kicks off the playlist. There's not a lot of information about the band on the internet. Just that they're from Chicago. But I really dig them. They make nice music.

Rain Check - "Drown" is the second track. The song gives me a little nostalgia feeling. It reminds me of listening to bands like TRUSTcompany, Deftones, etc for the first time in the 2000s. Has a very 2000s rock vibe. And I personally still love rocking out to this type of music when in the mood. It's fun.

Deerhunter - "Oh, It's Such A Shame" is the final song on the list. It's a Jay Reatard cover. Recorded way back in 2008. I had Deerhunter on the mind this week because I saw that their Cryptograms album recently turned 15. I went back and re-listened to it. "Spring Hall Convert" is such an amazing track. I hadn't listened to it in awhile. It's up there w some of my favorite tracks by them. Anyways.

"Oh, It's Such A Shame"

It was part of a split single. Deerhunter covered Jay Reatard's track and then JR covered Deerhunter's "Fluorescent Grey". It was recorded a couple years before JR's passing.

I put the song last because the outro kicks ass. The original was the same way as well, but Deerhunter just extended it by a minute or so. Rock out heading into the weekend.

Speaking of Jay Reatard... Deerhunter have a B side that didn't make their 2010 record Halcyon Digest called "Nosebleed". It's on Spotify. Major JR vibes. I'm not sure why it wasn't included on the actual album. Alvvays covered the track at some of their shows several years ago. No official cover on Spotify (I don't believe), but there's YouTube videos.

Get Well, Kid & Foxtails fill out the list. Get Well, Kid is emo-ish rock from Sydney, Australia. I say emo-ish because a few of his songs are a little loose w a couple other genres blended in. I'm a new fan.

Foxtails is led by Megan Fernandez. They're from Connecticut. I don't know what I would list their genre as. Their early stuff seems to more emo-ish, but some of their current stuff is more blended w post hardcore-ish at times. I have to listen to more of their music in depth. "gallons of spiders went flying thru the stratosphere" & "space orphan" caught my ear first when I went through their new record and I went with "gallons of spiders...". The new record dropped a few weeks ago. It's called fawn.

That will just about do it for this week. Lengthy post. Hopefully I made sense for most of it.

I appreciate you reading.


1) Old Coke - "Slope"

2) Rain Check - "Drown"

3) Get Well, Kid - "The Afterlife Was a Lie"

4) Foxtails - "gallons of spiders went flying thru the stratosphere"

5) Deerhunter - "Oh, It's Such A Shame"

(Depending on when you come across this post - a YouTube link may not be working)