Playlist Friday

Playlist Friday

Howday. It's Friday, December 3rd, 2021. The first Friday in December. Hope your week has gone well.

Random thoughts/tidbits:

1) Didn't have enough time to post this this morning. Didn't sleep well last night, either. I'm pretty sure I still look like a zombie right now. But Playlist Friday will not be denied! No!

2) I saw House of Gucci a few days ago. First time I've been at a theater in a long while. I enjoyed the film. I thought the biggest problem was the pacing at times. Some parts felt too long and then I thought the ending was a bit rushed, but all in all I liked it. 7/10 It's a pretty interesting story about Gucci back in those times and how money/power can play it's hand on most people. The classic tale. Lady Gaga did a good job in her role. I thought Adam Driver was the best actor in the film. I knew he was in the movie, but I didn't know who had what role and how big of a role each person had. Driver was in basically 85% of the entire film. Leto was good in his role like he usually is for most of his stuff imo.

3) This will likely be the second to last PF on the blog for the year. I usually take the last couple of weeks off from bloggin'. I have to go back and count how many PFs there were this year. I know I missed a few weeks, but I feel like I was pretty consistent w the posts. I'll attempt to do the same in 2022.

4) There's a Christmas song on this week's list. Pom Pom Squad and their take on "Last Christmas". Had them on earlier this year w "Head Cheerleader". Still need to listen to more of their music. I do like what I've heard thus far though. November 26th is really when I allow myself to listen to Christmas music. I know some people start getting into the spirit the second Halloween ends, but for me it's when Thanksgiving ends. Everyone has their own preferences though.

The beauty of life.

I appreciate you reading. Hope you have a good weekend.

12/3/21 Tracks:

1) Pretty Sick - "Dumb"

2) LAUNDER - "Fade"

3) Dreams on Tape - "Wide Awake"

4) Pom Pom Squad - "Last Christmas"

5) Lightning Bug - "A Color of the Sky"

(Depending on when you come across this post - a YouTube link may not be working)