Playlist Friday

Playlist Friday

Hello! Five handpicked songs out of the numerous songs I listen to in a week. . . that is Playlist Friday on the blog. I hope your week has been good. The second week of the year. The second Playlist Friday of 2019. 2/2. We going to make it. If you're here... thanks for checking out the blog.

Let's get to this week's list.

(Depending on when you come across this post - a YouTube link may not be working)

DIIV - Bent (Roi's Song)

Kicking off this week's playlist with an oozing baseline. This is one of my favorite DIIV songs. They're a band I listen to in waves. Every time I think of DIIV I think of Zachary and his past struggles outside of music, but things seem to be on the upswing now for the NYC born musician. It's good to hear. The guy can make music. "Bent (Roi's song)" is off the bands' 2016 Is the Is Are album.

Hello Shark - Jackson Browne

Hello Shark is a band currently residing in Philadelphia. A band I would not listen to if you don't want any sad or nostalgia strings pulled. Or if you do... they're the perfect band. Dive in. "Jackson Browne" is off their 2016 album Delicate. I really enjoy this track. "Maybe I'm delicate. I don't wanna quit".

Lomelda - Nvr

Lomelda returns to Playlist Friday. They were just on it last week, but I'm still listening to them and enjoying their 2017 record Thx. It's a really good album. Hannah and her crew do a nice job.

Panda Bear - Dolphin

"Dolphin" is a single off Panda Bear's upcoming album Buoys. It's coming out next month. I don't know if I like it as much as a lot of the songs off his last record in 2015 - PBMTGR, but I still enjoy it. Another trippy Panda Bear song. I'm drinking water and looking at that dolphin in the video right now. My eyes are starting to get heavy. Anyways. Seeing Noah perform in 2015 in Austin, TX probably ranks in my top 5 concert/show/festival experiences. The weather, the visuals... speaking of nostalgia. It was 10/10.

Drake - Passionfruit

Drake might've jinxed Alabama in their title game against Clemson this past Monday, but that doesn't mean a lot of his music isn't really good. I could go a few months without listening to him and then I'll play a song or two while working and I'll be like "I have to turn this off now... I'm feeling too hyped". The sad thing is I'm not kidding. "Passionfruit" is off his 201-

Yeah, yeah. . . laugh, but Drake has some hits. The production on a lot of his songs are top notch. I guess when you're making as much money as he is you can afford the best production, etc. Just take a look at his live shows. Amazing stage theatrics. Anyways. With that said. . . another PF is in the books.

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Thanks for reading as always.