Playlist Friday

Playlist Friday

Howday. It's Friday, November 19th, 2021. Hope your week has gone well.

Random thoughts/tidbits:

1) I watched Big for the first time in forever last night. 1988 comedy w Tom Hanks & Elizabeth Perkins. That's some quality entertainment. It still holds up well w other romantic comedy type movies in current times. I felt some type of way last night after watching it. The line that stood out was Elizabeth Perkins (before finding out Tom Hanks character is actually a 13 year old in a 30 year old's body) replying to her co-workers that she liked him because "he was a grown up". Everyone else in the office was acting like children and was jealous of Tom Hanks' characters quick rise to the VP position.

You feel for Elizabeth Perkins though. She thought she finally found someone worth dating. And he turns out to be a 13 year old. The final scene where she's dropping him off to his parents. After you get past the semi creepy part where she goes "maybe in 10 years...." it's really a sentimental scene.

And if you're in Tom Hanks' characters shoes.... you went from being a kid to a grown up in data entry to VP in two weeks back to being a kid again. You had a nice apartment in NYC making a lot of money. Now you go back to being a kid again. Taking 8th grade math tests again. That's quite the roller coaster.

What a time. What a film.

Speaking of films... I kind of want to see this House of Gucci coming out next week. Lady Gaga & Jared Leto both in the same movie. Lady Gaga is a pretty damn good actress in everything I've seen her in. And I love a lot of Jared Leto's film work. It'll be interesting to see them in the same film.

Movie also has Adam Driver, Salma Hayek & Al Pacino in it. I may actually buy a movie ticket. I can't remember the last movie I've seen in an actual theater. It's been so long.

3) This week's playlist. Kicks off w a song by Cola. Cola is a new band formed by a couple members from the band Ought. Ought recently broke up. Literally just a couple weeks ago. I found out by doing a little research making this post. The playlist ends with The Egyptian Lover - "I Cry (Night After Night)". Track from 1984. The lyrics are a lil ridiculous, but he makes the track groove.

This is the last Playlist Friday post before Thanksgiving next week. So I hope you have a great holiday.

11/19/21 Tracks:

1) Cola - "Blank Curtain"

2) Nil├╝fer Yanya - "stabilise"

3) Pip Blom - "Different Tune"

4) Lily Konigsberg - "Alone"

5) The Egyptian Lover - "I Cry (Night after Night)"

(Depending on when you come across this post - a YouTube link may not be working)