Playlist Friday

Playlist Friday

Howday. It's Friday, November 5th, 2021. Hope your week has gone well.

Random thoughts/tidbits:

1) It was hard waking up this morning w it being cold outside here in the Houston area and being wrapped up in warm sheets, but I'm here. I would definitely put that in my top 10 favorite things though. Not the not wanting to wake up part... the laying in bed w warm sheets on a cold night part.

2) Astros lost the World Series this week. It was looking semi-promising on Halloween night when the Astros came back and forced a Game 6 in Houston for Tuesday. However, the offense didn't show up. And even if they did they might've still not won because the pitching wasn't very good either on Tuesday. It's unfortunate. Astros have been stuck in this weird pickle the last several years. They make it very far in the postseason, but they can't get over the hump. On one hand a ton of teams would love to be in that spot w that amount of success. On the other hand, it's even more disappointing because they're that close repeatedly. So yeah. I don't think the season was a failure. Only because of the starting pitching staff being bandaged and limping at the end. Disappointing still... of course.

I cured some of that disappointment the past couple nights watching the first few episodes of Season 4 of Goliath. Which is the official show of this blog. I'm on the fence about this final season so far. First episode felt like the director threw everything artsy he had ever wanted to try in his filmmaking career and this was his last chance w it being the final season to showcase it. First episode was a mess imo. 2nd and 3rd episodes picked up. So tonight I'll probably order a pizza and watch the next few episodes. I live a very fast pace lifestyle. So that's been one band aid on moving on from the Astros. The final band aid will be seeing Alex G this coming Tuesday. A few weeks ago I said "Alex G should be a genre" for some of the songs I'm hearing nowadays. And the first song on this week's playlist fits that bill.

Max Diaz - "Connie". I don't know who Connie is, but you made this man create a stellar track. I felt it. I definitely have to check out more of his material. The few songs I've heard this week have been great.

Lili Trifilio, Hospital Bracelet & datfootdive round up this week's list. I had fun discovering new artists like always. Have a listen if you so wish. Hope you have a nice weekend.

11/5/21 Tracks:

1) OTTO - "Crystal Hole"

2) Max Diaz - "Connie"

3) Lili Trifilio - "Cycles"

4) Hospital Bracelet - "Sour OG RPG"

5) datfootdive - "She Said, "Don't Make Others Suffer For Your Personal Hatred.""

(Depending on when you come across this post - a YouTube link may not be working)