Playlist Friday

Playlist Friday

Howday. It's Friday, October 29th, 2021. Halloween weekend. Hope your week has gone well.

Random thoughts/tidbits:

1) With each passing blog post something pretty significant happens w the Astros. They're currently tied 1-1 w the Braves in the World Series. Hopefully by next Friday a parade has happened or is scheduled and the team has won the title. (Hopefully)(Knock on wood). Still a lot of work to do in Atlanta for the team. I said a couple weeks ago I won't be super sad if the Astros don't win it all, but it would feel a little nice w all these higher than thou baseball writers and keyboard jabronis online. "You support cheaters", "Bang Bang", "trash can emoji", "Bet he knew what was coming", blah blah blah blah blahh

2) Weather has been nice in Houston this week. There was a concert last night w George Clanton, Magdalena Bay & Negative Gemini. Outdoors at Satellite. I didn't go, but I bet it felt nice w the weather. I saw a few insta stories from people who did go and it seemed pretty happening. Those types of shows I just don't have super high interest in actually being in the crowd for anymore. I love some George Clanton and Negative Gemini songs, but I rather listen to them w headphones on :, get hyped behind closed doors. Like the quiet nerd I am.

Speaking of hyped.... this playlist. The first 4 songs sunk in immediately. Few shoegaze gems. And I had no idea Avey Tare remixed a Spirit of the Beehive track until last night. The remix was released last week (I believe).

The Sun Organ track "Holding Hands" is not on YouTube. But it's on Spotify. If it is on YouTube I missed it. I'm a little tired this morning. Need more iced coffee.

I appreciate you reading. Hope your Halloween weekend is a good one.

10/29/21 Tracks:

1) Vivienne Eastwood - "Snooze"


3) Sun Organ - "Holding Hands"

4) Star Horse - "Slower Now"

5) Spirit of the Beehive - "IT MIGHT TAKE SOME TIME (Avey Tare remix)"

(Depending on when you come across this post - a YouTube link may not be working)