Playlist Friday

Playlist Friday

Howdy! The first Friday of the year. The first Playlist Friday of the year. It's hard knowing what day of the week it is lately with the holidays. My goal is to not miss a single Playlist Friday this entire year. I'm 1/1 so far. Progress. You can stream these songs via the JR Spotify playlist as well. Just type in "Jake Rambles" and the playlist should appear on the app. The list is also tucked in on the sidebar of this blog.

Anyways, without further ado...

(Depending on when you come across this post - a YouTube link may not be working)

Blockhead - Cheer Up, You're Not Dead Yet

Tony Simon aka Blockhead is a hip hop record producer. "Cheer Up You're Not Dead Yet" is off his 2007 album Uncle Tony's Coloring Book. An upbeat start to this week's and year's Playlist Fridays.

Lomelda - Bam Sha Klam

Lomelda is the stage name of musician Hannah Read. "Bam Sha Klam" is off her album Thx. Low key song and album. It's not short on plucking the nostalgia strings though.

I went a little out of the box here and put a whole show in Playlist Friday this week. This ofc will not be on the Spotify playlist, but I figured with the band putting out a new record on the 18th... that I would spotlight them a little bit. Plus they're one of my favorite bands.

This is a 2007 performance from Holland. It's a pretty rare gem for fans of the band since Josh Fauver was in the group here. RIP. Also Colin Mee as well. It's 32 mins long. 2007 though... 12 years ago now. Time flies. And I am old (29 to be exact). I was in high school when this performance happened.

Pink $ock - Be My Sugar

Pink $ock was probably my best music discovery last year. "Be My Sugar" is off his 14th and Pico album. The production on a lot of his songs is really good. I feel like the guy deserves a lot more attention. I'm spotlighting him to my six readers right now. Spread the word about Pink $ock. It says on his bandcamp that he'll play your wedding. Low key... I would maybe let him play my wedding. I'm single right now, but if I was engaged I would bring it up with my fiancee. See what happens.

Bernice - Passenger Plane

Great song and album from Toronto band Bernice. "Passenger Plane" is off their debut album Puff: In the Air Without a Shape. The album was released last year. "Passenger Plane" is a synth-y, pop tune. It feels like you're listening amidst a cloud. Surrounded by a beautiful haze.