Playlist Friday

Playlist Friday

Hello out there in internet land. It's Friday, June 11th, 2021. Another Friday is here. Hope your week has gone well. It's been brutally hot this week in Houston. It's not "officially" Summer, but it might as well be.

Speaking of Houston... a couple weeks ago I said how Japanese Breakfast was not coming to Houston on her tour later this year. Well that has now changed. They'll be in Space City the day before Halloween. More and more tours are being announced. I'll be at a few this Fall. It'll be nice to see live music again.

Last week's playlist was showcased w sludgy/emo/rock. This week it's experimental. I re-listened to Gang Gang Dance's 2018 album Kazuashita a couple times this week. Masterpiece is a strong word, but the record is crafted so beautifully. We live in the era of Spotify, Youtube, etc where you can pick almost any song you want at any time and I love that, but sitting down and actually listening to an album front to back can still be a super rewarding experience.

Obviously not every album is like this. Sometimes the artist or band doesn't pay attention or care about the "flow" of an album. Gang Gang Dance definitely put a large emphasis on how Kazuashita was structured. From connecting interludes to samples being remembered from a couple songs ago for even a few brief seconds as it's meshed in with a new song's environment. There's a few really nice stand alone tracks on it (I included the self titled song from the album to wrap up this week's playlist) but to listen to them in the way the album is structured... it adds a little more fuel/texture.

So that's how the playlist ends. How it begins is also really nice. Andy Stott's track "Dismantle"... This track has attitude. If a track was a bully who stole a kid's candy... this would be it.

I was introduced to Now vs Now, Kelly Moran and Ana Roxanne as I researched more experimental type music this week. I felt like the songs I picked from each were beautifully crafted. Especially the Kelly Moran track "Helix". There's an even longer version on Spotify of the song. It's about double the length.

So have a listen if you shall wish. I appreciate you reading.

(Depending on when you come across this post - a YouTube link may not be working)