Nostalgia Tangles


Things have been stagnant lately on the blog. Real life has been hectic. That... and I'm not going to lie... I haven't been feeling the best the last few weeks or so.

I feel like I have stretches... weeks, months that are pretty good. Then I'll have prolonged stretches where I feel like I'm in a pretty deep rut. The last few weeks I've been in that rut mentally. Numerous memories of the past flooding my mind. I'll be at work and something will trigger something in my mind and I'll be bummed for the rest of the day (or most of it).

Like I mentioned in the T. Jin's China Diner post - The only goal I had for the blog was to always be honest. Well, this post is no different. Ya boy has been feelin' down. Everything will get back on track soon. Playlist Friday will return next week.

Just wanted to type a quick update post.

Hope you're doing well.

And if not - I'm here for you.

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