July 5th

July 5th

Hello, hello. I hope you had a nice July 4th holiday.

Today would normally be the a day where I post a Playlist Friday, but this week has kind of been a little helter-skelter with the holiday and work being busy. I didn't listen to 5 new songs. I guess I could've made one with older songs like I've done sometimes in the past. Hm.

I've pretty much just listened to a lot of Beach House this week. Beach House is one of those bands where I can go months without listening to, but when I'm in the mood to listen to them... I can listen hours at a time. They may be one of the more consistent bands. Not really a weak song in their arsenal.

So yes. No Playlist Friday this week. It'll return next week.

My mind is not all there at the moment. Early-ish and I haven't had coffee yet. A little lack of sleep as well. If you're reading this... I appreciate you checking out the blog. Good vibes.