Jimmy Dean® Sausage Biscuits

Jimmy Dean® Sausage Biscuits

I opened my freezer this morning looking for something to eat for breakfast. I made scrambled eggs yesterday. I wanted something a little quicker and easy this morning. I didn't know what was in the freezer. So I opened it. A single package of Jimmy Dean sausage biscuits caught my attention.

Not in a box or anything.

There was a box to the left of the package, but the box was empty. I looked at the date on the box and it said June 2019. This package probably came out of the box. I probably just didn't set it back in the box after ripping this package from another how ever long ago I had these here JD sausage biscuits.

It'd be inspirational if this package was like "I don't belong in a box. I want to be free dammit. Let me fly". So it just escaped from the box. It didn't let the box dictate how it lived it's life.

So I ate some of the two biscuits this morning for breakfast while drinking iced coffee. It wasn't very good. These Jimmy Dean sausage biscuits are either hit or miss for me. I only eat them probably once every few months. If I happen to buy them from a grocery store... I'll usually eat like 2-3 of the packages the same week I buy them, but if there's some left after that first week... the box usually stays in the freezer for lord knows how long. Until I'm desperate enough to eat them again.

Thanks for reading.