If you're reading this

Whether you're a friend, family member, ex, stranger...

I know I haven't always been perfect. Or even remotely close to that.

I'm grateful to have you or to have had you in my life.

If you're reading this... on purpose or by accident...

Thank you. You mean a lot to me.

Whether you're in my life currently or were in it before...

Good times and the bad...

I'm grateful for them. And for you.

Life is delicate.

Everyday life happens and sometimes it's easy to forget.

I know I'm definitely guilty of not remembering sometimes.

So thank you for reading.

The next post will most (likely) be Playlist Friday.

Posts have been stagnant outside of PF this month.

I've been mentally tired at the end of each weekday lately.

I will never abandon this silly, little blog though.

As long as I'm able to type.

Or as long as Ghost (the blogging platform of the blog) is around.

And hopefully that is a long time.

I give them $30 of my hard earned cash every month.

That is all I know.

The 13th of each month. Straight out the checking account.

To have this blog. JakeRambles.com.

Anyways. Playlist Friday. Next post.

Hope your week is good.