Hard Coded

In my last post I talked about how everything on Ghost is "super customizable". That is definitely true. The theme creator got back to me and told me how to edit the sidebar text. I had been searching in the CSS the whole time, but I was incorrect.

He told me it was "hard coded" into one of the theme's files. So I had to dig the folder back up and find the file he told me to click on. I tried opening the file in question, but I didn't have a program on my computer for this particular file (.hbs file). I wasn't aware of .hbs files before this situation.

I google programs that can edit, open and save .hbs files. I then see that Microsoft Visual Studio can do it. So ya boy downloads that.

When I say nothing (besides being able to post) has come easy to me with Ghost would be an understatement. Even that picture uploaded as horizontal for some reason. The original photo was not horizontal. I just tested other photos and those came out vertical like they already were. I'm just going to leave that photo horizontal. It sums up my experience in editing this theme so far.

(edit – The picture displays correctly on mobile devices. Noted...)

Like I mentioned in the last post though - people who are good at editing themes, etc probably won't have these same types of problems that I've been having. I guess on the bright side... I now know what .hbs files are.

I also went through all that trouble in editing the text on the sidebar just to say "Scattered thoughts from the mind of Jake". Like 2 hours for 7 words.

Dammit Dwayne. Get out of this post. I thought you were gone.

Anyways. I still need to fix the comment box and get the url situation down. The comment box issue is also a hard coded situation. It's not something where I can just click a button like on Wordpress and it's there. Ghost is not about that life.

Also... never register a domain with 1and1. Go with at least GoDaddy. It took me mins on my last domain with GoDaddy, but 1and1 has been a very unpleasant experience so far. I can get JakeRambles.com to forward to the blog url, but I haven't been able to actually get the url to connect via standalone. I'm not a domain DNS expert, but I think it has to do with the way that 1and1 does CNAMES. They don't  point them to where they would be convenient.

It would be like heating frozen macaroni in the oven for 45 minutes when you can heat it for 3 minutes in the microwave and get the same result. GoDaddy heats their frozen macaroni in the microwave. 1and1 heats theirs in a very old oven.

So, I'm not sure when the url or the comments will be situated. Like the box below mentions - you can reach me on IG at @flimsypizza in the meantime and I will read any msgs sent my way.