Feels Like Summer

"It feels like summer
I can hear the music playin'
I hear the drummer
I can hear the children playin'
Snow will fall
The snow will fall

Sounds like laughter
A happy song in the days
What are we after?
I can hear mister say
Someone will call
Someone will call
Someone will call

Feels like winter
Oh happy song today
In time, I can hear mister say
Snow will fall
Snow will fall, yea
Yea, the snow will fall

Snow, snow, snow, snow, will fall
Snow, snow, beautiful snow
Wonderful, cold snow that glow

Oh wonderful
That looks like endless snow, snow
Oh snow, snow
Makes me happy just to say snow
Beautiful, wonderful, marvelous
Wonderful snow, snow
Oh, beautiful, wonderful, oh marvelous
Snow, snow, yea
Meanwhile think about it think, I think I have the fever
Beautiful clean wonderful snow"

Hope everyone is doing dandy out there. Taking a break from Playlist Friday this week. It'll return next Friday. I apologize to my two other readers*. I put an asterisk because I'm not sure I even have 1 reader. I purposely didn't put a hidden tracker on the site. So technically I could have 8 readers. Or even 24.

I will never know.  

I did add a blogroll to the sidebar. The first and only blog (so far) on it is Sport Card Collectors. I haven't collected sport cards since I was younger. I fell down a rabbit hole though a few months ago. I somehow ended up on Matt's blog (Sport Card Collectors). I think I was looking up something baseball related. One thing leads to another and I'm on a baseball card site. And then before long I'm on his blog. One thing I like about his blog is the consistency he puts into it. I may not collect sport cards, but I appreciate the way he runs his blog. So I shot him an email the other day saying I liked his blog. Now we're on each other's blogrolls. I guess you can say it's gotten pretty serious.

That'll wrap up this post. If you are a reader... thank you for reading.