Feeling Low

Last November, my family's dog had a health scare. She's a shih tzu. Getting up there in age now at 13. She suffered a ruptured ulcer in one of her eyes. Went to the vet. They operated on it. The doctor said there was a chance she'd still be able to see post surgery.

Unfortunately that was not the case. The eye was still in tact but she ended up not being able to see out of it. She still had vision out of the other one.

Fast forward 10 months to tonight and I get a call from my Mom saying the situation happened again. An ulcer reappeared and ruptured. My Mom and little Brother took her to the vet and this time the doctor said the eye is not salvageable.

So she's staying there overnight tonight. The operation is in the morning. I'm going to go with my family in the morning to pick her up after everything is done. I'm heartbroken. I love that dog. My heart sank last November when everything happened and my heart is sinking tonight.

I hate that she's having to go through this. My family has had her since 08. She's a handful but god I love her. Everytime I go over she still always runs at me and wants to play.

The same when she was 2 to the same now at 13.

I can't sleep tonight. This sucks. I know she's an old dog and I know the day will come when she's no longer around. And it's something I'm trying to embrace for, but it's still difficult. Her health has been declining the last few years and each event is still heart sinking when it happens.

After the operation last November the doctor prescribed her a couple of eye drops. So she's been getting drops from my family twice a day, everyday since last November. I didn't expect the news again tonight when my Mom called me and told me.

Sucks. I've shed some tears tonight.

This blog has acted like a personal diary tonight. I don't have a gigantic support system right now outside of my family. So I came here as an outlet.

I'm scratching Playlist Friday this week. It'll return next week barring any more real life setbacks. I'm sorry for the inconvenience if you're one of the people who actually come here each Friday.

The morning can't come soon enough. I'm hoping the operation goes okay.

I feel so bad for her and the whole situation. She doesn't deserve this.

I love you, Savannah.

Jake C

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