Fall Music

Fall Music

This has been a music blog the last few weeks. Other topics will be posted again eventually. Real life has been hectic. I always turn to music as a distraction so music stuff has been posted quite a bit lately. I have opinions on a lot of stuff though. Baseball, healthcare, bagels, the heat, bills, etc. The list is long. Opinions that may be expressed here on this blog soon enough. Riveting material.

Riveting material for a riveting blog. JakeRambles.com.

May or may not be expressed*. I'm 99.7%* not going to write about healthcare on the blog.

Bagels though... bagels seem like the right amount of depth for this particular blog.

I mean there was a sausage biscuits post a few months ago.



Ah. yes.

There's a few album releases coming this Fall that have me excited. I'm leaving out several others that'll most likely sneak up and impress heavily. That always happens. I discover new artists on a weekly basis just from doing Playlist Fridays here on the blog. Endless amounts of beautiful music out there.

(Sandy) Alex G - House of Sugar - September 13

Alex G (excuse me Sandy Alex G) has addicting music. Addicting, good music. I think I first fell in a loophole of his music in early 2016. The rest is history. The guy beats to the sound of his own drum. There were like 4-5 genres on his last album Rocket. "This is a nice country-ish feel song". A couple songs later... "IS THIS DEATH GRIPS?!". I love that he experiments on all of his albums.

I've seen him once in concert. In 2017. I still remember that June weekend pretty vividly. I saw him that Friday Night at White Oak in a crammed upstairs room. They put Alex G (SANDY I know) and Japanese Breakfast in the small upstairs room. Which I found confusing for the caliber of the show.

I forget which show was downstairs, but you want to talk CRAMPED. I think White Oak is a beautiful venue in Houston. I'm just not a big fan of the upstairs room. The stage upstairs is hardly elevated (if at all) so it can make it hard to see if you're in the back. The downstairs room I have zero problems with. Nice space and you can see the stage from wherever you're at.

"This is the first time we've played in a cubicle" are the exact words Michelle from Japanese Breakfast said in the middle of their set. That line has always stuck with me from that night. I (don't) believe I've seen a show in the upstairs room since then. Only downstairs.

(Sandy) Alex G is not coming to Houston on his upcoming tour. Maybe a road trip is in order. We'll see. I feel like he's had a cult like following the last few years now. For good reason. His music is good. That crowd was wild in 2017. Even Alex himself told the front part of the crowd to chill a little bit since moshing broke out a few times and there were smaller women near the stage area.

Vivian Girls - Memory - September 20

This announcement came out of complete left field this morning. The news that Vivian Girls are back and releasing their first album in EIGHT years. They also released the first single off the album with the news in "Sick". Catchy stuff. When I think of Vivian Girls I think of catchy and really amazing guitar solos.

2:48 - 4:42. That's the first guitar solo of theirs that came to my mind first. Share the Joy is a great record. Vivian Girls are a great band and I'm glad that they're back. Literally out of nowhere too.

Grimes -  Miss_Anthropocene - TBA

This album may or may not be released before the year is up, but just in case. I'm looking forward to it regardless of when it drops. I feel like Grimes has evolved in different ways from each of her albums. Her last single "We Appreciate Power" which dropped. . . last November (had to check) had a NIN-ish vibe to it. I've seen her once in concert. In a opening spot at a Florence and the Machine show in 2016.

I found a cheap deal on SeatGeek a week before. I was going for mainly Grimes so I wasn't going to pay a ton to go since it was a FaTM concert. I was going to go with my girlfriend (at the time). A night before she texts saying she wasn't feeling well. I asked her if there was anything I could do. I told her I didn't have to go to the concert if she wanted me to be with her the next day. She declined.

The writing was on the wall though. She was becoming distant a couple weeks prior. I thought seeing a concert and doing more things together would maybe spark things. Long story short... that didn't work. I ended up asking a friend and he agreed to go. This guy had never heard of Grimes before. I gave him the ticket for free and he bought me a few drinks at a bar near the venue in return.

You want to talk about an experience. I drank way too much. I'm hardly a drinker so I was flat out drunk. The most drunk I've ever been. I remember... I was drinking a second red margarita at the venue (this after already having three long islands at the bar nearby before the show)... I was on cloud 9 literally. I was DRUNK. I was laughing and feeling good though (at that moment). I remember my friend checking a hockey score (he likes hockey) and talking to me about it. I guess the woman sitting in front of us heard him talking to me about it and she turned around and asked him the score.

The next thing I know is her back being turned to us again, but she had red margarita on her back (she was wearing a strapless dress). I literally somehow spilt a little margarita on her back. My friend didn't notice it, but I broke out with a shocked face.

He quickly followed the cues from my face staring at her back. And he was like "JAKE" before bursting into an awkward laughter. The women turned around again and I was like "aw fuck I done did it" on the inside. She was actually pretty cool about it. I apologized. I don't believe it got on her dress. Just her upper back. It was embarrassing. Most of the reason for the drinking was trying to block out how I knew the relationship with my GF was most likely hitting the skids very soon. And it did (a few days later). I was bummed out. So yes Grimes' new album Miss_Anthropocene... we shall see when that drops. What a post. I'm excited about these three albums though. Fun vibes ahead.

Thank you for reading. I appreciate it.