[Photo Credit - Joyce Jude]

Japanese Breakfast is the creation of Michelle Zauner. Great talent. Great band.

They released the single "Essentially" a couple months ago. The first single since their 2017 album release Soft Sounds from Another Planet. Groovy vibes.

I've been to probably 6-7 concerts in the last three years and 3 of those shows involved Japanese Breakfast. Two headlining shows and I saw them open for Alex G another time. Each time they were energetic throughout. Michelle never stops bouncing around. She's like the energizer bunny on stage.

I used to go to a lot of concerts. The last few years has been a steep decline. I don't know if it's me getting older, but navigating through traffic and around Houston appeals to me less and less these days.

If it's still a show I really want to see - I'll definitely still go. Fo sho. I saw Deerhunter a month ago. Deerhunter is a very special band to me. I'll go see them anytime they come near me. I don't know if I would put Japanese Breakfast in the same special category as I would a Deerhunter, but I might as well. I always seem to be at their show when they roll through town. Always a fun time.

I was close to putting this song on the last Playlist Friday, but I kind of stray away from using the same artist in back to back weeks. So it gets its own special individual post. A fun, bouncy song.