I saw on social media tonight how today is the 10 year anniversary of Real Estate's sophomore album Days. Definitely in my top 10-20 albums.

It reminds me of all the times I religiously listened to it in 2012-2013 driving home late at night in The Woodlands, TX after playing raquetball with a friend at a 24 Hour Fitness. Listening to it with the windows cracked. No one on the road. Not having all that many stresses in this thing we call life. Just typing this is giving me some nostalgia to 2012 as a whole. It's funny sometimes you think back to a certain point in time where you thought you were super stressed or had a lot of worries and you just want to shake your old self and be like "you dumb child! enjoy those times! trust me what you're going through is very trivial at best".

Back to Days and the band Real Estate.  

Real Estate to this day is the only concert I've been to with my entire family. 2012 in Los Angeles. We were already on vacation and they just happened to be playing at the Fonda Theater. It was Real Estate w Sun Araw. And I still remember my Dad saying Sun Araw was the worst music he had ever heard.

I didn't think Sun Araw's music translated well live at all. So I saw where my Dad was coming from. Especially considering the type of music he likes, his age, etc. But some of Sun Araw's songs on record are vibes. Especially on his On Patrol album. I also like experimental type music though.

What a time to be alive.

Days is a very nostalgic album for me. Had no idea it was the 10 year anniversary till I saw it tonight. Decided to make an impromptu post about it. Poured a little iced coffee.

Astros lost tonight. They've gotten walloped the last two games. I'm pretty sure a paper bag could get a hit off their pitching staff at the moment. If they lose tomorrow's game the series is going to a be large obstacle for them. Coming back from possibly 3-1 down. I say "they" because I don't play on the team. I like when I see people online say "we". "We hit bad tonight". "We really sucked tonight".

Yeah because I remember seeing @randyblitz88983 in the lineup striking out hard. Dude just didn't have his swing on point. Even worst are the people from other fanbases saying stuff like "we'll take care of the Astros for you guys". Didn't know @juanballacashmoney69 was suiting up for the Red Sox. If I did I would've said Red Sox in a sweep.

Win or lose I do like going to baseball games. I do keep up w the Astros on a regular basis. I have their games on in the regular season as background noise at worst a lot of times. I look forward to going back to Seattle next year to seeing them play again. Someone asked me why I wouldn't go to a different ballpark next time. And I was like "I stick to what I know and like. It's a bad habit sometimes".

With that said Arizona and Anaheim were also ideas I had for next season, but I would say those are unlikely as of right now. Seattle's ballpark has some amazing food for a ballpark. Sushi, hot wings, lobster, etc. And the hot wings actually tasted like restaurant quality. Not the frozen chicken tenders you order at Minute Maid. Imo that's Minute Maid's weakest quality. The food. Outside of Killeen's, HTX Mex, Jackson Street BBQ... I know I'm missing a couple spots inside of Minute Maid. I think the food is absolutely dreadful. The last Astros game I saw last month I actually brought a Subway sandwich in.

Put it in a clear bag and brought it in. They have that clear bag policy now where you can bring food in. I forget the size dimensions. They didn't have this rule back in the day when I snuck taco bell tacos in. That was not one of my best decisions.

I still need to watch the new Michael Myers movie. Halloween Kills I think it's called. I haven't watched a lot of movies lately. Just haven't been in the mood. I'm not a giant movie and TV show person. I still need to watch the new season of Goliath. I believe it's also the last season. I've talked about Goliath more than any show on this blog's history. I even made a Billy Bob Thornton post before. Yeah I just checked. Back in 2018. This blog is over 3 years old already. Time fliesssss.

There's been a few gaps where I haven't posted, but the last year and a half I've been pretty consistent w at least getting a Playlist Friday post up. Sometimes I ask myself why do I keep posting, but I keep coming back anyways. I'll be back early on Friday morning w another PF.

Ending the post w a song from Days. It's only right.