Dating Apps

Dating Apps

I had a friend mention earlier that he was filling out a dating site profile. He's been out of the dating scene awhile and wanted to get back out there. I wished him the best and that he got some good matches.

I don't know how I feel about dating apps anymore. I haven't been on any of them in a few months now. I've met some really great women via dating apps in the past. I've also had some less than spectacular dates as well. Kind of like anything else in life. You take the good with the bad. I guess I'll highlight one of those "bad" dates below. It's nowhere near as bad as some of the ones I've read about online or even from people I know. This is just my own experience.

"I wish I could store baby dog breath in bottles"

That is the exact line I heard on a second date before seeing a movie with a woman. You might be saying "you went on a second date with this woman, Jake?" The answer is yes I did.

Hey now...

The first date was pretty pleasant. Met at a bookstore and then got a couple drinks afterwards. She didn't say anything unusual or anything that raised red flags on the first date. It was on the second date a week later. We met at a pizza place. I forgot the restaurant's name. It was a local place.

Mid-convo she dropped that she just had breast implants done a couple months before. I guess I was a little caught off guard by her comment and then I did the VERY STUPID THING of trying not to stare for a couple seconds. It's like when you tell someone "Hey, there's a dog over there!".

That person is going to look.

So I then casually took a sip of my Coke. Trying to become a great actor in the process. And I just replied... "oh... yeah? how are you liking them?" Which also sounds pretty cringe-y. I didn't know how to reply. I'm not super smooth (for the record). We were at a damn pizza place on a second date. She said she was enjoying them and that it increased her confidence.

We then wrapped up shortly after and headed over to the movies. We got Icees and split a large popcorn. We got there about 30 mins early. That's when she told me how she wished she could store baby dog breath in bottles because she loved the smell so much. I was stumped on what to say again.

I felt like I was in a boxing fight unprepared and my opponent was throwing haymakers. She was winning the fight. I forget what even moved us to this part of the conversation. She also said certain things in a different tone of voice. She got very high pitched when she said this baby dog breath in bottles line. In hind sight I wish I would've responded with "baby dogs? you're anti-old dog breath?".

At this point I just wanted to leave, but the movie hadn't even started yet. I took a big sip of my blue raspberry ICEE. It tasted good, but my soul was dead. She even said that I seemed more chipper on the first date and asked what was wrong. I told her I had a long day with work (this movie showing was at 10:30pm) so the excuse was plausible. I then tried to pick up my convo skills that night, but it was tough.

Maybe I lost interest too fast during that date. Maybe I'm missing the baby dog breath in bottles wanting craze. I love baby dogs. I love dogs. But yes. That was one of my less than great dates in the last year. I might share more in the future on this blog. We'll see. Thanks for reading Jake Rambles. G'bless.