Blog Update

It's Friday. There's no Playlist Friday.

It's been a super busy week but instead of having no Playlist Friday this week...

In the spirit of Halloween tomorrow... I'm going to post a Halloween themed playlist on the blog.

A few songs always come to my mind near instantly when I think of Halloween type songs. For the sake of trying to be a little unique though... I'm going to do a little bit of research tonight and see if I can find some obscure Halloween-ish songs that I haven't heard before.

That'll be my Friday night. Trying to find obscure-ish Halloween type songs for tomorrow.

in other news:

Nothing put out their new record 'The Great Dismal' today. It's the band's 4th studio album release.

I've only heard a few songs. I'll dig in a little more this weekend and listen to the whole thing. Maybe have a review of it sometime next week. I used to shy away from album reviews in the past because I got too in my head trying to critique every little thing in my mind as I listened to an album. I'm just going to say how this album made me feel in next week's review. How it makes me feel compared to their older discography, etc. So be on the look out for that next week.

That's what is on the docket for the blog.

I appreciate you reading. Hope things are well.