Blog Editing Done

I finally got the comment box working for the blog. Sarah Frantz from Ghost's support basically held my hand yesterday in getting it to finally work. I was looking in one hbs file for a week trying to edit and tweak things, but it was the wrong hbs file all along. All the tutorials online said it was this one file, but it turned out to be a different hbs file for this particular Ghost theme.

That was my first week and a half in a nutshell on Ghost. Difficulty with almost everything theme editing related. I'm also more of a novice than I thought on editing things. Back when I had a Wordpress blog - I would click a button, edit some html and would feel like a editing wiz. Ghost is like "holll my beeer".

So yes. Comment box is working. In conjunction with Disqus. You'll need a Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Disqus account in order to comment on a post. Ghost itself doesn't offer a comment system at all. All a Ghost user can do is use a third party commenting system if he/she wants comments on their site or blog. They also don't offer a thread archive (which I still want to find a work around for in the near future). Ghost promotes itself on being bare bones, but I feel like a commenting system and a thread archive would still be pretty bare bones features. Maybe they'll offer them in the future.

It took around 11 days to edit the things I wanted to on the theme, get the domain switch from 1and1 situated and also get several posts up.

The costs:

$19 for the theme (Forma)

$29 for Ghost (Pro) (monthly)

$1 for url on 1and1

$15 for someone to help me w/said domain

Total: $64 (as of now)

The $15 to get someone to help me could've been avoided, but I was tired of tinkering around with the 1and1 settings. In hindsight, I would've gone with a different domain host. I never had too many issues when I went with GoDaddy in the past. I should've went with them again here. Live & learn.

That picture has nothing to do with anything, but Brock Lesnar in a cowboy hat has always cracked me up. G'bless.