My family and I went to a baseball game a few days ago. I haven't hung out with my family (as a whole) at an event in a long while so it was nice to spend some time with them. The Tampa Bay Rays were playing the Houston Astros. The match-up looked promising for the Astros heading into it...

Astros were riding a 12 game winning streak going in. My Mom use to not like sports. Especially baseball. She thought it was boring. She couldn't name an Astros player before last season. She then watched a game in the first round of the playoffs last season and ever since then... she's been pretty into it. She now knows the name of every starter in the lineup (both pitching and hitting). For her to be the one wanting to go to a sporting event... it's a time I'm not use to. But if it's something we can do a few times a season to spend more time together... then so be it. I'm all for her new baseball fandom.

My Dad, Mom, Brother and I all went to the game. It was Dollar Hot Dog night. I'm not a big hot dog person, but I felt like I should get one on Dollar Hot Dog night. So, I got one $1 hot dog and a $15 margarita. The Astros were 2-0 the last two times I got a margarita... so I got one again. Plus, I've been a little stressed about certain things so a little bit of alcohol sounded nice to be honest.

I desperately wanted the Astros to win for my Mom. This trip to the game was mostly for her to see the team play live. Also for my Dad who hadn't been to a game in years. Long story short... the Astros lost. And A.J. Hinch (Astros Manager) sat Jose Altuve (the AL MVP last season). First game he's missed all season. Hinch had been resting other players the week prior so Altuve was going to get his day off eventually, but for it to happen when my family and I were at a game together... IT WAS A BUMMER. I understand the decision to do it, but it was still disappointing. Hinch gave Altuve an at bat in the bottom of the ninth in hopes to tie or win the game, but he hit a fly out deep.

The Astros ended up losing 2-1 in a game that took 3h 20 mins. There were a ton of long at bats against Astros starter Justin Verlander (who I'm glad my Mom got to see live since he's her favorite Astros player). The Astros long winning streak came to an end. They hit numerous balls that Tampa Bay players made some good plays on. Dammit Tampa Bay, don't you know I wanted Astros to win for my parents?! Of course the next night Astros hit 4 home runs and won. Life.

One of my friends gave me a hard time saying I was bad luck. I haven't been to many sporting events the past few years (maybe 4-5), but the Rockets and Astros had won all those games. I'm blaming it on the chemistry between me and hot dogs. Dollar Hot Dog Night + Jake = a shaky game for the Astros.

We still had a fun time. It's fun going to an Astros game even if you don't really like baseball. So much else is going on before the game and between innings to at least keep you a little entertained. Minute Maid is still a great baseball stadium.  So, hopefully the Astros can win next time I visit with family.

(Fingers crossed)