Avi Buffalo

Today marks 5 days of consecutive posts here on the blog. Monday-Thursday with four misc topics, etc and then Friday will be Playlist Friday.

I thought about talking about this on last week's Playlist Friday, but figured I would just do it now instead since I was doing posts this week. I didn't learn about this situation until right before I made last week's Playlist Friday post anyways. I try not to check social media stuff outside of the small group of people I follow lately. I saw this news a bit late.

Basically Rebecca Coleman (former band member of Avi) came out a couple weeks ago and said Avi had raped and emotionally abused her in the late 2000's. Word is also out that Rebecca isn't the only woman he's done this to. Supposely something also happened in 2015 with another woman.

We live in a guilty until proven innocent society now. A person can ruin someone's career by coming out and making false accusations. I felt like I couldn't have made this post without putting this paragraph in it. Avi hasn't responded to the accusations yet and all of his social media accounts have been deleted. He might be waiting for the dust to settle a bit before doing so.

With that said...

If everything is true... then Avi is a beyond terrible person.

It's not looking good right now. Coleman went into explict detail in her Instagram post a couple weeks ago. She had specific dates, events, etc

I remember when I first started listening to Avi Buffalo about 6-7 years ago. I heard things like he would post D*ck pics on his Tumbler, etc. Which... is not illegal technically, but in hindsight I don't know. I feel like it doesn't help his case in my mind at least.

A lot of his songs are about women, lost love, despair, etc. Now with the reports coming out the last couple weeks... my view on him has taken a complete 180.

We'll see if he ever comes out and comments on the alleged incidents.

Just very unfortunate if all of this is true. I don't feel bad for listening to his music the last 6-7 years because I didn't know about all of this. No fans did until a couple weeks ago.

Anyways. Tough subject to start this week of posting, but it was on my mind and I knew it was going to be a topic one of the days this week.

A person may be a great musician, athlete, etc but that doesn't exonerate how they act in the real world.